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For those of you who’ve been following this blog and my Instagram feed, you should know that I’m quite big on breakfasts, a big part of my daily routine is figuring out how to start my day with a good dose of morning makan that fuels the rest of the day.

Petronas Gas Station, with Morning @ Mesra
PETRONAS Station, with Mornings@Mesra

Apparently PETRONAS Kedai Mesra shares the same sentiment and now comes up with their very own breakfast offerings that goes by Mornings@Mesra – a range of breakfast combo that includes Mesra Bites, their range of buns that includes cheese stick, sambal ikan bilis, sambal udang, and kaya. There’s quite a selection here to suit anyone’s tastes.

nasi lemak? Mesra bites buns? Goodday milk? Take your pick
nasi lemak? Mesra bites buns? Goodday milk? Take your pick

Of course, in addition to Mesra Bites, there’s the usual suspects of donuts, karipap, sandwich, and of course, our national favorite – nasi lemak!

The combo consists of Big Bites for RM 5 with a nasi lemak, karipap, and a hot or cold drinks, or you can go with Light Bites at RM 3 or 4 and have a bun + drinks, while kids can opt for Mesra Bites buns + a Goodday chocolate milk for RM 3.

I got myself a Big Bite breakfast just the other day with their signature nasi lemak, karipap, and a hot hot drink. A simple yet satisfying breakfast, and I do like the fact that they have set up simple dining table & bench within the Mesra store, very convenient and comfortable, not to mention getting to avoid that whole finding a parking space issue at your typical breakfast stopovers.

The new combo is now available at close to 500 PETRONAS stations with Kedai Mesra within the Peninsular Malaysia, a quick dine in or tapao to be consumed on-the-go, it’s your choice!

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Discuss : KY eats – Breakfast Combo at Mornings@Mesra

  1. KY, I just love the stores that served fast food like 7-11 and so. It so different and low cost too.

  2. i admire all of you who can wake up with energy and enthusiasm and fuel up with a good breakfast. most of the time, i’m late for my first appointments of the morning, cos i’m still semi-conscious … but i’ll look out for the nasi lemak and karipap if i pass by a station! 🙂

  3. kekeke rosberg

    aiyoyo uncle wearing that green shirt and visiting Petronas station. How many times have other motorist called you out to fill up their vehicles? LOL #idontworkhere

  4. Mmm… not for me. I need my fresh fruit and oats – a healthy start. 😉

    • Monica: haha, we all have our preferences, but everyone can agree choices is usually good!

  5. Don’t think we have anything to eat at the Mesra outlets at the stations here. There is one place at a Shell station though but some 10 miles out of town – went once and it was very good but then it closed down – not bothered to go and check the new one out.

    • suituapui: hopefully they’ll eventually extend similar offers to all o stations..

      • kekeke rosberg

        hahaha sounds like everything closed down in that place, must be the people in the village #cb

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