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When it comes to Chinese tai chao restaurants, you often find very conventional names that usually involves someone’s surname or places of origin. XFrens Cafe & Restaurant though, likes to be a bit different, so I was looking at a map and this name came up, I’d have thought that they probably serve good pastry and maybe some warm pies…

Restaurant Xfrens, Subang Jaya SS18
Restaurant Xfrens, Subang Jaya SS18

Well, I have no idea what went through the owners’ thought process when they came up with the name, but we’re here for the food, and in this regard they definitely put in more thoughts than the naming exercise.

XFrens is located at Subang Jaya SS18, with few busy shops around the same short row of shop houses in the evening, parking your car is usually a relatively painless process. However, do plan to get there early as the place usually gets rather busy and fetch quite a long queue on weekend busy dinner hours. I’d say anytime before 6:30 or 6:45 pm and you should have a table immediately.

The menu at Xfrens is pretty comprehensive, with different sections offering dishes involving poultry, seafood, vegetable, tofu, and such.

For the group of 6 of us over dinner, we ordered five dishes to share.

"siong thong" lala, pumpkin tofu, paku with chili padi
“siong thong” lala, pumpkin tofu, paku with chili padi

Siong Thong Lala was a pretty decent dish that provides some spicy soup to open up the appetite, the shellfish was of decent size and freshness.  Pumpkin tofu was one of their signature dishes, and one that provides a nice contrast in texture and taste, crispy on the outside with stronger tasting sauce, while soft and mild within.

I was also very glad that we ordered paku with chili padi, one of my favorite type of vegetable that should be more popular here (as they are in Borneo). This is one vege that I’ll order again.

garlic pork, teow chew style steamed red snapper
garlic pork, teow chew style steamed red snapper

Garlic pork is another must-order at Xfrens, and it is what we’re here for. The dish was basically a dish of deep fried pork with many, many cloves of garlic. It was as simple as it was tasty, the combination was an assault to the senses in the best ways.

The last dish we shared was steamed red snapper teow chew style. This dish was executed rather well, with ingredients you’d expect from a typical toew chew steamed fish – tomato, tofu, salted vegetable, garlic, ginger, cilantro, and chili. I enjoyed this quite a lot too.

The dinner came to be around RM 40 per pax including drinks, a fair price considering the fact that we ordered quality fish as well as lala. Would definitely come here again.

map to XFrens Subang Jaya ss18

Restoran XFrens
51, Jalan SS 18/1b, Ss 18,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.072748, 101.584083
Tel: 03-5611 0488
: Lunch & Dinners

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  1. looks good. but can only bring ex friends here kah ?? 😛

  2. Pumpkin tofu sounds like something I would order.

  3. Xfrens = ex-friends, not really a nice name for a restaurant eh LOL

  4. Yes, a rather peculiar name but the food looks great! Paku is pretty common over at your side – it’s our midin that everyone over there is craving for.

  5. KY, Chinese Malaysia food are so different from Chinese food else where. My late father family from Taiwan and Szechuan and Xian so I tasted many typed cooking. My cousin also lived in Singapore and enjoyed food there also. Sure like that pumpkin tofu dish wish to try it one day.

    • KY, oh yeah my mom famiy are restaurants owner in Hawaii and Cantonese and learned in China and Hong Kong cooking.

    • Vickie: Malaysian Chinese food is really a mix of cooking styles from various different clans, plus Malay/Indian/Thai influence as well. In that sense it is really something rather unique in itself.

  6. kekeke rosberg

    Dr xavier and magneto also come here often #x-men #hiak

  7. haha. then should have a shop name nearby them, exgf/exbf

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