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UberEATS is now in KL

September 27, 2017 14 Comments

The most important tool anyone has these days has got to be a smart phone. With the ability to summon strangers over the internet to help us achieve what we want, it makes us that much more efficient and makes life that much awesome.

Latest to the fray in KL is UberEATS, which is now available from 21st September during the launch event which I was fortunate to be invited to witness.

Update 2018: UberEATS has ceased operations in Malaysia

UberEATS now in KL
UberEATS now in KL

At the UberEATS launch event, now in KL offering many local favorites deliver to where you are! App is on Android and IOS and they also have proper segregation for halal food delivery boxes. . Use the Promo Code: KLTASTY (For 3 x FREE DELIVERY worth RM5 each). . #kyeats #UberEATSKL #UberMY #FoodDelivery #KLFood #KualaLumpur #Foodies #Makan #omnomnom

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The UberEATS application is available both on Android and IOS. At launch date, the service is covering KL CBD, Bangsar, and Damansara Height from 9am to midnight, seven days a week.

If you live or work in these areas, it is most definitely something to check out. I suspect they’ll increase coverage area pretty soon, like how initial Uber service was launched.

UberEats application is now in Android & IOS
UberEats application is now in Android & IOS

You can already find quite a number of restaurants participating in UberEATS – from cafe food, Western delights, to nasi lemak, and even ice cream. I also particularly like how they can be sorted by type of cuisine, popularity, or most importantly – by delivery time!

halal & non-halal shipping containers, chef Christian Recomio from Sitka
halal & non-halal shipping containers, chef Christian Recomio from Sitka

At the launch event, we were also informed that UberEATS pay attention our unique local culture and came up with a different carrying case each for halal and non-halal food, which I thought is a good way to ensure cultural sensitivity is taken care of.

UberEATS, officially launched
UberEATS, officially launched

Download the app today and check it out. I also got a promo code for you, key in eats-7sy3s and get RM 15 off your order via UberEATS.

Discuss : UberEATS is now in KL

  1. We have our own home delivery service here, just RM2.00 service charge.

  2. Would like to try but my place not in the coverage area~

  3. charged me RM 4 upon installing the app.. seriously?

    • Mark: I think that’s the “deposit” to verify credit card info if not mistaken.

      • kekeke rosberg

        after verify, the rm4 will chargeback into cc #amateur

        • thx for the heads up! it says nothing except RM4 was charged to your card num xxx at UberBV on datexxx/ That’s all.

          • Mark: if the charge isn’t reversed within a few days I’d lodge a complain if I were u.

  4. kekeke rosberg

    Can order ais kacang from Cendol Pak Akob or not leh? #notyetstartrek

    • kekeke: they do have inside scoup ice cream tho so anything is possible eventually. haha.

      • kekeke rosberg

        after delivery arrive, I received cendol drink instead…. LOL

        • kekeke rosberg

          It is also warm cendol drink too. Why warm ah? Ohh because uber driver put drink between legs to cool off LOL #uberishardworkman #ubersnacking

        • kekeke: cendol drinks is not bad ok.

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