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Stinky tofu (臭豆腐) is one of those delicacy that probably make certain Westerners think we are savages from the 3rd world, but truth is, these stuff are just as sophisticated as blue cheese, beer, and that Scandinavian fish that’s berried in the ground before consumption (OK maybe not that one)

stinky tofu stall at Pasar Malam Meru
stinky tofu stall at Pasar Malam Meru

In any case, most of these food shares a similar crucial step in their preparation – the magical process of fermentation. Through this method, bacteria releases certain type of byproducts that gives birth to the unique smell and taste which some of us learn to appreciate.

Smelly tofu from meru pasar malam. RM5 for small portion #kyeats #tofu #stinkytofu #pasarmalam

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For those who lives at Klang or Shah Alam, perhaps one of the closest place to sample a good dish of stinky tofu would be at the Thursday night pasar malam at Meru, located just across the road from Klang Parade.

the stinkier the better, right?
the stinkier the better, right?

The stinky tofu truck is almost always with a queue so you do have to be slightly patient to wait before your portion of piping hot deep fried stinky tofu is served. The taste of the tofu is really pungent and mixes well with those sourish pickled cabbage.

freshly fried, super stinky, yummy!
freshly fried, super stinky, yummy!

So if you’re a fan of stinky tofu, this is one to check out, besides, this very same pasar malam also has a pretty decent spread of other hawker delights – including salted chicken, popiah, lok lok, and char kuih teow.

location of pasar malam meru

Pasar Malam Meru
Jalan Kedah (Off Jalan Meru)
Meru, Klang
GPS3.065763, 101.450976
Hours: Thursdays 5 to 9pm

Discuss : KY eats – Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐) at Meru Pasar Malam, Klang

  1. KY, I eaten stinky so called fermented tofu many times when in Taipei and love it ,I grew up eating shrimp paste with fried rice guess that how I like the smell of it. I go for the deep fried one with pickle vegetable..

  2. kekeke rosberg

    wahhh stinky tofu in the tropics #hoik #hoik

  3. I tried that once. Can’t say that it got me all excited, thank you very much.

  4. Stinky tofu is a very popular delicacy in pasar malam at Kepong area, every time got long queue 🙂

  5. OMG, there was a stinky tofu stall at my neighbourhood’s pasar malam that smelled like cow dung from miles away. It was so overpowering we had to close our noses each time we went to the pasar malam…luckily it has closed shop…yay!

  6. Wow its soo yummy .. Illbe there soon

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