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Koay Chap is one of the lesser known Penang hakwer food, and I would guess that the reason is probably due to the amount of work needed in preparing the dish. The ingredient of koay chap includes duck meat, duck innards, duck egg, coagulated blood, some of which aren’t as easily available as others.

Kimberly Street Koay Chap Stall
Kimberly Street Koay Chap Stall

Duck meat koay chap, Lebuh Kimberly. All sorts of sin in a bowl. @dav_04 approves #kyeats #streetfood #penang

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There are only a handful of koay chap stalls in Penang, and perhaps the most popular among them is the one by Kimberly Street in Georgetown that operates in the evenings till late (just by the chicken feet stall). You can’t miss this place, it is almost always packed with tourists and locals alike, with huge amount of ingredients proudly displayed out in the open. Makes one think how many bowls are moved each night.

wholesome koay chap, if you love duck meat you'd love this
wholesome koay chap, if you love duck meat you’d love this

While back for Horng & Yuki’s wedding, David and I took a short walk from Komtar to this stall just as the sun was starting to set and got us each a bowl of this good stuff as a pre-dinner tummy liner, and it was absolutely satisfying.

David approved this meal
David approved this meal

You can have the koay chap with traditional thick flat noodle (quite close to mee hun kuih), or with rice. Can’t go wrong either way.

Koay Chap Stall
Lebuh Kimberley
10100, Penang
GPS: 5.416537, 100.332473
Hours: 5:30 pm till lateĀ 

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  1. KY, this dish sure give you lot of meat. I like it for that. It would filled me and
    my guy up good. How the soup is made with duck stock and spices?

    • Vickie: yes, with duck stock & spices I’d guess. It’s awesome & wholesome! šŸ˜€

  2. The Kimberley Street stalls are just overrated. Lotsa better Penang hawker stalls to introduce.

    • Jo Ann: not every Kimberly Street stalls are good but this one is definitely one of my favorites šŸ˜€

  3. I never have koay chap, perhaps I can mark this down for my coming Penang trip. But I don’t eat innard and blood, how ar? @_@

  4. Don’t recall seeing koay chap anywhere over at your side, sure would love to try.

  5. Erm not really a big fan of duck but probably will try this if I stop by in Penang. šŸ˜€

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