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A couple years ago when the topic of coffee came up, I believe it was probably David, an avid coffee drinker of mine who mentioned the name Podgy and the Banker as one of his favorite places for a good cuppa, and thanks to that rather unique name for a cafe, it stuck to me.

Fast forward to last week, we decided to give it a try. If a cafe manage to stay in business more than a couple years, it is usually at least more than decent.

podgy and the banker, sri hartamas
podgy and the banker, sri hartamas

Podgy and the Banker is located at Sri Hartamas, the opposite side across from the much busier Desa Sri Hartamas. As a result, parking never takes more than 10 seconds to locate, and therefore the morning is never ruined from having to go round & round for 10 minutes prior to getting a spot (I’m looking at you, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar)

Podgy and the Banker for breakfast, perfect poached eggs, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, and lemon meringue. The latte’s really on point. . #kyeats #breakfast #latte #poachedegg #hartamas #podgybanker

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The cafe itself can be a bit tricky to locate though, from the front it looks almost like an office (or bank?), but if you were to look from the side you won’t miss it.

Haze & I both really enjoyed the latte here
Haze & I both really enjoyed the latte here

First up, the coffee.

We both had latte and agreed that they were absolutely on point. Strong aroma, and really smooth steamed milk, no super fancy presentation or anything as such but such a really well prepared cup of coffee. Really one of the better latte I’ve tried.

egg benedict with beef bacon
poached egg with beef bacon

My choice of brunch was poached egg with bacon (RM 16). Presentation was quite minimalist but the two eggs were perfectly poached, only proper bacon would elevate this dish but the beef version did its job just fine here.

scrambled eggs with salmon, lemon meringue cake
scrambled eggs with salmon, lemon meringue cake

The wife went for scrambled eggs with smoked salmon (RM 15), another simple yet properly prepared dish that received no complain from her. We complete the brunch by sharing a lemon meringue cake (RM 14) together, which turned out to be quite a lovely dessert.

I foresee us going back there again one of these days.

map to Podgy and the Banker

Podgy and the Banker
2, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,
Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.157306, 101.650839
Hours: 9am to 11pm, closed on Tuesday

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  1. Ooooo…bacon! And the egg’s so perfect! Lots of people too! Must be really good.

  2. KY, i I see eggs done so well the way I like it. Enjoyed in morning when I have time latte. I at times make lemon meringue pie since my guy love pies.

  3. I’m yet to try this place. Looks decent.

  4. Don’t complain about traffic jam and difficulty to find a parking space. Get a vespa and ride it with your gf! Even girls nowadays can be seen riding superbikes.

  5. I mean wife.

  6. kekeke rosberg

    Fffffffffftttt for RM16 plate so kosong wan #lol
    Take me back to Murtabak @ Exotic Curry House with plenty of exotic #mysterymeat mmmmmmm #cheapeats #secreteats #foodie

    • kekeke: KL price and Klang price different ok.

      • kekeke rosberg

        oh yahh, sri hartamas, clubbin area, lots of pretti gals. If pretti gal ask to pay RM16, I pay RM16 #xfactor

  7. I also heard of Podgy & the Banker some years back but now with so many new cafes, this has been pushed to the ‘background’…hehe! 😉 I don’t think I’ve come across a cafe that displays their cakes out in the open! O_o

  8. I went to this place once, for coffee & cake 😛 It was really packed that time =.=”

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