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If you’re looking for dinner at Klang, there are a few repeating themes you’ll see. First and foremost, there’s of course the various bak kut teh restaurants at every other block, followed by seafood & tai chao restaurants, and then if you look closely, there’s also quite a few steamboat/hotpot sort of places.

A few weeks ago, we decided to check out one of those places.

Restoran Max Venture, quite a weird name for a kopitiam
Restoran Max Venture, quite a weird name for a kopitiam

This particular restaurant is situated a stone’s throw away from Mae Porn Thai, one of our regular Thai restaurants, so you could say that we’ve been curious for quite a while prior to giving it a try.

Ordering is simple, you get a set for two pax for something like RM 30, which comes with assortment of vegetables, mushroom, tofu, imitation crab, egg, meehun, bakwa, a couple prawns and sliced pork.

Thai style hot pot, grill & soup two in one
Thai style hot pot, grill & soup two in one

The hot pot is heated up with charcoal and has a grilling dome at the center and a ring of soup surrounding it. To start, you grill some pork lard to oil the pot, then one by one goes the prawn, pork slices, and other ingredients. Be sure to stuff the cabbage in the soup too, by the time your grill items are done, the cabbage gets to soak up all those juice and makes for a very sweet, delicious soup too.

KY & Haze, was a nice long leisure dinner
KY & Haze, was a nice long leisure dinner

Places like these are quite popular around Klang, if you’re ever looking for dinner around the area, perhaps it should be in your short list. Happy eating!

thai style hot pot, Klang Parade map

Restoran Max Venture
Pelangi Point, Lintang Pekan Baru,
Off Jalan Meru, Klang,
41150 Selangor
GPS3.064707, 101.452734

Discuss : KY eats – Thai Style Hot Pot near Klang Parade

  1. RM30 for 2 is cheap, all that meat!

  2. I enjoy hotpot but am often cautious in eating a street food version as I react poorly to MSG.

  3. KY, here in SF bay area there lot hotpot restaurants, They are all you can eat .
    They have sushis,dim sums, many kind meats, seafood to pick from. Deserts too.

    • Vickie: yahh I remember US has loads of buffet places, everything is all you can eat, we have some of those here too.

  4. kekeke rosberg

    Max Venture, Mae Porn…. Yes, welcome to Klang! #foodie #flang #farnee

  5. I supposed it’s imitation crab sticks instead of imitation crab? ^__^

  6. We love your blog! Keep up the good work KY!

    From the team at Market Market Malaysia –

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