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When it comes to food in Ipoh, the most famous of them all has got to be chicken rice with bean sprout, and for those who love this dish, there’s no other place that is more popular than Restoran Tauge Ayam Ong Kee right in the heart of Ipoh town, which was where we stopped by for lunch on New Year’s day.

Ong Kee Ipoh Chicken Rice
Ong Kee Ipoh Chicken Rice

If you get to Ong Kee on weekends of during public holidays, getting there in itself can sometimes be a problem, and parking too can be quite a challenge. After all those, you may still end up spending a bit of time waiting for a vacant table. Though thankfully, food usually doesn’t take too long to be served, so there’s that.

innards, bean sprouts, poached chicken
innards, bean sprouts, poached chicken

The menu choices are simple, there’s poached chicken, innards, bean sprouts, and there’s also pork balls should you want to indulge yourself in some non-avian meat.

Most popular eateries get the “used to be better” and “overrated” labels quite a bit, but honestly speaking I do find Ong Kee’s chicken right on par with expectations. They are tender, not overly complex, and soak in properly balanced cocktail of soya sauce. The bean sprouts too is of rather good quality, as with most bean sprouts from Ipoh, probably due to the water quality.

the amount of chicken they sell each day is astounding
the amount of chicken they sell each day is astounding

Overall, lunch proved to be quite a satisfying affair, and at RM 36 including drinks, it was quite an affordable option as well. Happy eating!

map to Ong Kee chicken rice, Ipoh

Ong Kee Tauge Chicken Rice
48,51 & 53, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
GPS:  4.593838, 101.083929
Tel:  05-253 1562

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  1. i swear, 90 minutes ago, i was just talking to two friends about how i don’t know where to get really good steamed chicken rice nowadays … looks like ipoh is the answer to our dilemma! 😀

  2. kekeke rosberg

    best chicken rice is in…. Hainan, China…. ahahahahahhaa
    no leh, in Old Town got some nice chicken rice, but its secret eats ™ place….

  3. I did not manage to try this on my brief stops in Ipoh, twice!

  4. This is one food I like but can’t indulge in often enough….coz my family don’t eat white chicken! :'(

  5. KY, chicken rice is my all time fav. Must be the sauce too for make the dish so good. The chicken look so moist not dry but never had bean sprout with it but must
    taste too.

  6. Omggg so long already I didn’t eat chicken rice. Hard to find a good one around subang-sunway area. Tried chicken rice balls at Melacca and it was so good. Didn’t know ipoh has good chicken rice too. 😀

    • Julia: ipoh definitely has, and for PJ area you should try seapark.

      • kekeke rosberg

        “Didn’t know ipoh has good chicken rice too” <—- Is da best, but better not let everyone know, especially you kids with all your iphone, instagram all ruin the place, kekekekeekek…

  7. This place and another famous one are too touristy to me and I’ve stopped visited them since I was introduced to another restaurant by local 😛

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