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Got bored with the Vietnamese Street Food series yet? Well, there’s more!

In this installment we’re checking out Gỏi cuốn, or Vietnamese Spring Roll.

Che Minh Khai, one of the many eateries near our Airbnb
Che Minh Khai, one of the many eateries near our Airbnb 

Contrary to popular belief, spring roll isn’t served only during spring. You can actually get them all throughout the year.. (OK I made that up).

Vietnamese spring roll is quite a fair bit different from its Chinese counter part of the same name, with some saying origin started from Vietnam, while others believe it was the Chinese who came up with the dish first. In any case, the ingredients are a fair bit different.

gui cuon, or Vietnamese spring role, with dipping sauce
gui cuon, or Vietnamese spring role, with dipping sauce

Vietnamese spring roll is made up from rice paper as the wrapper, with pork slices, shrimp, rice noodle, green onion, and and generous amount of vegetable. It is often served fresh and at room temperature. A type of peanut sauce is usually served as the accompanying condiment.

dip & bite, can you see the ingredients?
dip & bite, can you see the ingredients?

If you try this at HCMC from one of the restaurants typically frequent by the locals, you can expect to pay about 5,000 VND for each piece. 2-3 pieces should suffice for light breakfast.

map to che minh khai restaurant, Saigon

Che Minh Khai
18A/16 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
GPS10.786134, 106.700463
Tel: +8408-3825 6432
Hours: 7am to 8pm

Discuss : KY eats – Vietnamese Street Food 101 – #5 Goi Cuon (Spring Roll)

  1. I’d skip that pork but yes, i generally enjoy vietnamese spring rolls (sans the pork) 😀

  2. Another Vietnamese place, so many and not even one here. I would make my own…and I’d be very generous with the pork. Yum yummmmmmmm!!!

  3. this is a roll for many seasons, i think! some people do call them vietnamese summer rolls 😀

  4. Ky, my Vietnamese friends said no such thing as such as summer rolls called in their culture. But what you called it most popular food all over the world now.
    I like fried one wrap with lettuse and rice noodle. Or serve with rice noodle or rice and vegetable. The fried one I get at restaurant during lunch time.

  5. Very healthy with plenty of veggies 🙂

  6. One of my fave Vietnamese dishes.

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