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I love myself a good afternoon snack, and when it comes to that, sometimes the options can be quite limited. There’s always the rojak, hipster cafe, and mamak, but if you want good old fashion Chinese snacks, well, they aren’t just as common. So it was quite refreshing to see that a such a place sprung up at Seapark recently by the name of Restoran Yuen Ting.

Restoran Yuen Ting, PJ Seapark
Restoran Yuen Ting, PJ Seapark

Yuen Ting is a bit of a throw back when it comes to a new restaurant, they offer old fashion deep fried Chinese pastry such as yutiao, ham chim peng, and a couple different soya bean products like soya bean drink and tofufar.

a selection of deep fried goodness & soya bean products
a selection of deep fried goodness & soya bean products

While the selection isn’t particularly extensive, the quality of product and value offered was more than decent. I liked that the soya bean drink has a bit of a gingery tint in the syrup supplied, which gives it a bit of extra complexity.

The taufoofar here is has a really smooth texture, a hallmark of any good taufoofar. Like the soya bean drinks, you can choose to have it with dark or normal sugar syrup, I almost always go for the dark version and did not make it an exception this time.

ham chim peng, soya drink, tofufar
ham chim peng, soya drink, tofufar

Overall, I’d not hesitant to return for a good & comfortable afternoon snack. While there’s no air conditioning, fancy decoration, or even IKEA sofa, this place hold its own among the newer establishments in PJ, and it is one that I believe will stand up to the test of time better than others.

map to Yuen Ting Seapark

Yuen Ting Restaurant
Jalan 21/17,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS3.109909, 101.621816 

Discuss : KY eats – Soya Bean Drinks & Deep Fried ghost at Restoran Yuen Ting, PJ SeaPark

  1. KY, seem like most enjoyble breakfast. Simple but comforrt breakfast,

  2. I’m afraid of ghosts but I do love deep fried ghosts….and tau fu far! 😉 Is the whole place just dedicated to these snacks and nothing else?

  3. immature 2.0

    ah uncle, in Hong Kong, they wrapped the youtiao in white rice sheet, making them look even more like ghost, and pour slime (kicap) all over and eat them, so strange wan. But I ain’t afraid of no ghost, because I am Ghostbuster, so I finish the whole dang plate…. keke

    • immature: yah, we have those here in some dimsum places also. Good thing you’re a ghostbuster, doing the good work.

  4. i wouldn’t mind some yutiao right now … looks nice and fresh! hopefully they’ll consider opening a branch in my neighbourhood of sri petaling 😀

  5. Bet these are much cheaper and nicer than at those over-rated Taiwanese franchise places.

  6. Foods are kinda my thing and it looks delicious I would love to check this out. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I like yao tiao afternoon tea too. I like it pair with red bean soup 🙂

  8. seapark got such hoh liau stuff.. must go check it out liau

  9. Lady owner with the worst rotten kind of attitude. Even if it is Michelin 5*, I will never step into the shop again. No thanks

    • Fash: ahh, that sounds horrible. I didn’t get that treatment before, hopefully they fix that attitude sort of issue.

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