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After successfully experimented with planting our own herbs and vegetable at home, we decided to actually have a garden that looks worthy of a house an artist live in. So earlier this year, Haze spent some time in coming up with a proper garden design, and we started our (eventually) 4 month long project on April this year.

While I showcased the new garden a little bit on this post, I thought having a series to properly document our journey would be nice.

grass removed, and design chalked on the ground
grass removed, and design chalked on the ground

Haze wanted the garden to look beautiful, while I wanted a design that include a big water planter to replace the current plastic koi pond filtration system, plus something that isn’t overly too complex to DIY. That took quite a few weeks.

After finally landed on a design that satisfied both of our requirements, we started ground work in early April.

Rich was kind enough to lend us a rotavator that made removing the grass and turning the soil over a much easier job.

After clearing the land, we used some chalk to draw up the plan on site and went upstairs to take the first look on how it’ll look like.

using red bricks to confirm our design
using red bricks to confirm our design

Next, we bought some red bricks and lay them on the ground according to the design, then we started by preparing a couple planting beds ahead of time since we had some plants in pots that needs a permanent home while the garden revamp is in progress.

laying irrigation piping
laying irrigation piping

Next was a crucial part which many gardeners fail to do – having proper irrigation system.

We buried the PVC pipes underground and made sure each planting bed has an outlet. This proved to be a great time saver and especially important if you’re not someone who’s going to be able to water the garden manually every single day.

Our watering system utilizes a timer so everything is done automatically once installed. I’ll end up channeling the water from fish pond to irrigate the garden.

stone pathway and planting beds
stone pathway and planting beds

Next up was laying pathways on the plot. For this we actually put down some landscape fabric to prevent possible erosion of soil and to attempt to slow down potential growth of weed on the pathway. We used gravel on the semi-circle side and later topped up with smaller yellow pebbles for aesthetics.

old railway sleepers as pathway
old railway sleepers as pathway

For the pathway leading to the deck, we procured some abandoned railway sleepers and cut them to size. This was done using a circular saw and had to be cut from bottom and top. We actually used some mahjong paper to make samples shapes and make sure everything lined up too.

This step was quite a laborious task considering how heavy these woods were, but at the end we were very happy with the results.

Upcoming part two I’ll share the concrete work on water planter as well as the climber’s structure of our garden.

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  1. KY,glad your home is level for my late parents gave me a their home in Hawaii which huge but need lot fixing. It worth over million dollar and I still love it for huge land and lot fruits trees there. It on a slope in front yard and water drain not well when rain. It to basement so need redo the front yard make it level.

  2. immature 2.0

    aiyahh, uncle missed opportunity. Can get companies to sponsor build, then garden will be freeee! hehehehehe

  3. BukuTravel

    Cannot wait the part 2 & the result. The pathways lookalikes ‘flowers’.

  4. Hi KY, it will be good if you can also listed down where do you source the material and the costs. This will be a great help to some of us who also want to DIY the garden.

  5. Wowwwww!!! Come over and do mine when you’re done. LOL!!!

  6. Not only a good BKT couple, a brilliant DIY couple too! Way to go!

  7. Where to procure the procure the old railway sleepers?

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