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Last weekend I had a mission to go get some feeder shrimps from an aquarium shop to serve as some sort of living filter cleaner for the newly christened water planter/pond filter for our garden. After that mission was completed, it was of course, time for breakfast.

char kuih teow stall at the food court opposite Sei Ngan Chai BKT, Klang
char kuih teow stall at the food court opposite Sei Ngan Chai BKT, Klang

I went around Klang town a bit and ended up at the food court right across the road from Sei Ngan Chai BKT and the “Hilton” wantan mee place looking for something to eat, and this is when I realised I should give this char kuih teow stall a try, mainly just by looking at how many trays of eggs they have right next to the wok.

I took a seat next to the stall and ordered a plate without any specific instructions. About 20 odd minutes later, the plate of char kuih teow arrived, and it looked pretty legit I must say. There’s chives, bean sprouts, cockles, prawns, egg, and properly fried kuih teow that’s ever so slightly charred on certain pieces, indicative of good wok-hei.

certainly a respectable plate of char kuih teow
certainly a respectable plate of char kuih teow

And yep, this is one char kuih teow worth eating if you’re tired of bak kut teh at Klang. The banner outside says “Jalan Batai” char kuih teow, which would suggest that perhaps it was from Seng Lee kopitiam which has since closed down after the revamp of the whole area. I did not ask the proprietor, but this version certainly tastes as good.


Food Court
Jalan Gelugor
Meru, Klang
GPS3.050413, 101.451221

Discuss : KY eats – Char Kuih Teow (Jalan Batai) at Klang

  1. gosh … so this means everyone who loves the batai ckt now have to travel to klang issit … wonder what’s the background behind why they chose to go to klang, instead of, say, sri petaling 😀

  2. immature 2.0

    Aiyoh, ckt so small wan. Uncle should add some shrimps from aquarium shop to the dish

  3. Yum yum. Buen provecho!

  4. One plate not enough leh….so small! 😉 Huh, got Sei Ngan Chai BKT? I only know Sei Ngan Chai roast duck….hehe! 😉

  5. Looks good, can’t go wrong with prawns.

  6. KY, that one dish I got to make or get for it so delis. Glad you still into fish pond. It so peaceful when having one and would like one but cats is so into things. MoMo look at my fish tank and stare at fishes and thinking sashimi. That fishes to stay at one side of fish tank from her.

  7. KY, this is the original Jalan Batai ckt. The lady at the wok is the daughter of the original proprietor who was already at the wok of the original stall before they moved. The uncle still comes out to fry sometimes. Malay Mail did a couple of stories on them, here’s one

  8. Hi KY, just to share with you, opposite this food court there is a bakkutteh store operating together with a CKT store as well, the old couple from Penang are operating the CKT and the Uncle usually give a lot of “liao” like lapcheong and siham, very generous ! I like it! Most important still reasonable at rm5.50 , hard to find these days!

  9. I found the name, fyi it’s called Lao Heong fried kuey tiaw on google maps

  10. there is one famous at 3.0669711106216457, 101.4381831389497 GPS location.
    only open at night 7pm onward. can try as well

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