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After dating for some 5 years, last February, Haze and I decided to put signatures to the paper and completed our ROM. It was followed by a simple luncheon of some two dozen members of close friends and family members to mark the start of the next chapter of life.

ROM KY & Haze

While this space mainly showcases our food adventures from local hawker fare to some of the higher end fine dining establishments, believe it or not we do actually do a lot more than just eat.

hiking at Penang hill
hiking at Penang hill

In a bit to get healthy and stay active, getting a good sweating session is always welcomed. When we were in Penang we took the opportunity to take a hike up to Penang hill via the moon gate trail to #5 station. Somehow got lost along the way and spent 3 hours on some less travelled trail, good fun. This is partly in preparation for our upcoming Gunung Kinabalu hike, which I think will be plenty of fun.

Since we’re not exactly young-lings anymore, it is also in our best interest to have a better journey to wellness. While exercise is an important portion, choosing a healthy diet is also rather important. We cook more often at home, and sometimes do choose a healthier option while eating out.

vegetarian dinner at Setia City Mall

Being available for your loved ones for the long haul is also about staying healthy and protected.

Then of course, there’s the third and often overlooked point – being financially stable and ready for any unexpected events.

We’re fortunate enough to be in the middle income group and basically be able to afford everything we need, and some of the things we want, but adding a little bit of financial preparedness never hurt.

For some of you who may be in similar shoes like us, check out Zurich FlexiLife Plus.

zurich game 

Additionally, head to Zurich Insurance Malaysia FB page, there’s a little game in which you can play to stand a chance and win a grand prize of RM 4000 travel voucher + RM 1000 cash allowance. There’re also other prizes such as 2 iPhone 6s, 2 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and 3 Fitbit Charge HR wristband (I am currently using one!).

Also, please check out this video.

In the meantime, stay healthy and grow well!

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  1. What a lovely first pic of you two.

  2. “…a simple luncheon of some two dozen members of close friends and family members…” So going to have one helluva big bash anytime? Invite me, ok? Hehehehehe!!!

  3. Congratulations KY and Haze! I read your blogs since 2005 and enjoyed them. Loved your food reviews and adventures. All the best!

  4. Wow, so handsome in suit and the bride is gorgeous too!
    Congrats KY and Haze on your ROM!

  5. Congratulations to your new chapter of life. Keep on feeding us with nice food!

  6. Congratulations to you both and best wishes. Really appreciate your food posts, I learned of so many new places from here

  7. KY, Congradulation !

  8. SpendaLusuh

    both of you are so sweet.. 🙂

  9. Although a little bit late but I still want to wish you “Happy Marriage forever”…Being a follower of your blog for a decade, nothing more happy to see you settle down! Congratulation again ( although a little bit late..ha!ha!)

  10. congratulations!

  11. Congrats KY! 🙂

  12. immature 2.0

    wahh, shee rail pretti, unkle

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