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In my previous-previous job many years ago, I used to travel quite a bit to Ho Chi Minh City for work, and aside from the hospitality of the people there, the one thing I always looked forward to was some good old fashion Vietnamese street food.

Their dishes take advantage of ingredients not entirely unlike Chinese or Thai cuisine, but with the result that is completely different. Unlike Thai or Malay food which often rely on chili, Vietnamese creations often feature plenty of fresh vegetable, and instead of soya sauce in Chinese food, fish sauce seems to be their go-to choice as seasoning.

Quan An Viet, near Klang Parade
Quan An Viet, near Klang Parade

While Vietnamese food has some presence here in Malaysia, they are mostly chain restaurants offering pho, a few rice dishes, and nothing else, so imagine the surprise when we saw this little kopitiam manned with Vietnamese with thick accents offering proper Vietnamese street food right at Klang.

In fact, the little area between Klang Parade and Taman Eng Ann seems to have a small Vietnamese community living around the area, complete with shops carrying Vietnamese groceries.

bún bò, bún riêu, gỏi xoài
bún bò, bún riêu, gỏi xoài

Quan An Viet offers some 20 different simple dishes, from beef noodle to duck noodle, spring roles to rice dishes, and they’re all priced at less than RM 10.

We first had the bun bo, or rice vermicelli and beef, a dish that’s similar to pho but with slightly different soup base and vegetable reflecting it’s origin in Hue instead of Saigon. It was pretty delicious, though I’d love to see tripes, brisket, or tendon in it instead of just beef slices.

Bun rieu is something new to me, a sort of tomato broth with crab/shrimp paste filled with pork leg, coagulated blood, and vermicelli noodle. Quite an interesting taste but it is something that takes a bit of getting used to.

Goi xoai is their version of green mango salad with some sort of rice sheets. To be honest I didn’t like it, the Thai version is still much superior. Perhaps those in Vietnam is better executed than here.

bánh mì, cơm sườn
bánh mì, cơm sườn

Bánh mì is a Vietnamese term for bread, a dish that is introduced by French during its colonial period. While the filling tastes pretty good, the quality of bread here isn’t really up to par.

The other dish I tried was the Vietnamese Broken Rice with Grilled Pork Chop, and sadly it was kinda disappointing. The pork chop was too dry and generally lack any umph.

KY & Haze at one of our favorite Vietnamese kopitiam
KY & Haze at one of our favorite Vietnamese kopitiam

I would say the spring roles & noodle dishes here are definitely up to par, and for the price you pay, this place definitely offer great value for money. Will definitely head back again for other dishes.

map to Quan An Viet restaurant, Klang

Quan An Viet (Restoran Kui Rong)
Jalan Pekan Baru 35
Kawasan 17, 41150 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.064075, 101.455354
Hours: noon till dinner

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  1. Looks like most of the dishes featured here were “misses” rather than “hits”….but it’s still one of your favourite Vietnamese kopitiams? @_@ Is it because of the coagulated blood?….kekeke! 😀

    • eatwhateatwhere: haha yah well there’s another 10+ dishes we haven’t tried, and so far the noodle dishes were all good.

  2. Seems that this “broken rice” thing is catching on these days. In the past, we used to avoid buying that type of rice from Vietnam, not nice. Dunno if the present ones are any better. Everything actually looks quite nice but of course, the test of the pudding is in the eating.

  3. waaaa all the way to Klang for Viet.. better be good! hehe

  4. I do enjoy a bowl of delicious beef pho

  5. PandanKia

    Please avoid the following words to describe food

    “Authentic”, there is no such thing as authentic food, only documents or things.
    “Pure”, no food is pure, there will be some impurities in it.
    “100%”, refer pure.

    The above is a community service to better online scholarly articles.
    Any further queries or clarifications can be directed to

    • PandanKia: well that’s it, we need to strike “authentic” and “pure” off the dictionary! haha.

  6. KY, there a dish I like but unable to find in many Vietnamese restaurants in states. It like a huge pancake very crispy filled with bean spout and seafood and lot of other things. What you do is cut a piece of it and wrap in lettuce and dip in special sauce.

  7. Good to know! Thanks for sharing this spot.

  8. I wonder how’s the texture of the rice sheet on the salad, they don’t seem crunchy though

  9. immature 2.0

    psst…. got 10 dongs or not?

  10. Hey KY,

    Just for your heads up

    They dont open at morning, only past 12pm.

    Cause I went there in the morning, twice they haven’t open yet

  11. I was just at the restaurant trying out their Chao Ga(no English) image shows like pho/noodle. When we get served it was a chicken porridge, which is not what we actually wanted to try. Very disappointed. Place is dirty, music too loud, babies crying and screaming, definitely not coming back.

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