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Remember the awesome tilapia wantan mee at Rawang I posted on this blog not long ago? Well, that was actually the second plate of wantan mee in two days when we visited Serendah several weeks ago, this was the first – at Yee Kee kopitiam in the sleepy town of Serendah.

Wantan Mee at Yee Kee Kopitiam, Serendah

Yee Kee kopitiam is perhaps the busiest spot in the whole of Serendah in any given mornings. The corner coffee shop is usually packed with people, and offers quite a number of different hawker delights. The biggest of these stalls though, has got to be the one offering wantan mee.


While many wantan mee places in Klang Valley offers char siu (bbq pork), wantan, chicken feet, and even hakka fried pork, few can rival the variety of additional ingredients offered here. There’s fried tofu skin, curry chicken with potato, long bean, pork, cabbage, fish paste, and even chicken drum sticks.

The result is a meal that can often last you through lunch. I really do like it with those extra vegetable options as well, most other places only offers meat based additional ingredients.


If you find yourself looking for breakfast options near Rawang or Serendah, this is definitely a place worth checking out.

map to Serendah Yee Kee kopitiam

Yee Kee Kopitiam
Lorong Kampung Dato Harun
Serendah, Selangor
GPS: 3.366566, 101.605637

Discuss : KY eats – Yee Kee Wantan Mee with Extras, at Serendah

  1. immature 2.0

    is further away from KL, is bigger the portion, yoda says, yes yes, ahmm yamm yamm burrpp

  2. Your title says Seredah! I was wondering where on earth this new place is hahaha. And wow.. the second one does not look like wantan mee anymore la, but definitely interesting and worth a visit!

  3. Messy…but more often than not, those are the nicest!

  4. Woo! I’d love to try this! I’m a huge fan of Wanton mee!

  5. Wah, the town might be sleepy but the kopitiam is certainly awake! Wonder if I can get GoGet to tarpau some of the food here 🙂

  6. KY, what I like your web is you show places out side of the city where local people eat. Food are so interesting and not found else where and that tourists might never venture to at all. This wantan dish seem so different for your regular Cantonese type which found all over the states Your had topping so many things on it. I only can replicated at home but still good.

    • Vickie: Yah, I was a bit surprised that wantan mee in HK and other places only have wantan and nothing else.

  7. Curry chicken with wanton mee? I wonder how would the taste be like?

  8. I like varieties!

  9. Tony Wong

    do they still sell their famous pastries like cakes, kaya rolls etc? and they only have it after 11am i suppose.

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