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Steamboat places are aplenty all over Klang Valley, so when it comes to picking one out for dinner during rainy days, it can be a little challenging. The rule of thumb for most people is that the place must be busy, for me, I usually rely on recommendations from friends instead, which was how I got to Dian Huo Xin Wo SteamboatΒ at Kelana Jaya a couple weeks ago.

Edit 2017: This place has moved to a new location, address below

dian huo xin wo steamboat, Kelana Jaya
dian huo xin wo steamboat, Kelana Jaya

This steamboat restaurant is a little bit different from others when it comes to the interior decoration. At first glance, the place looks like a hipster cafe with old typewriter, TV, charcoal iron, and all those sort of memorabilias from yesteryears. Look closer, and you’ll find the built in stove in every table.

decent selection with good choice of soup base
decent selection with good choice of soup base

Instead of electric stove or steamboat pot utilized at some places such as Bone & Pot, Dian Huo Xin Wo opts for the traditional gas stove, which I prefer as it is a lot more responsive. Their solution is by placing a gas tank right under each table, I’m not entirely sure if this is the safest manner, but it works pretty well.

For a smallish shop, the menu is pretty comprehensive. There’s more than enough different fish balls (even one with quail eggs inside), meatballs, sliced meat, innards, vegetables, and starters (try the salmon skin) to go around. The “balls” are self-made and pretty good in size, which we enjoyed.

there's even black chicken in the soup
there’s even black chicken in the soup

You’re allowed to choose up to two different soup base for a single pot. We tried the herbal black chicken soup and their signature soup, both broth were plenty flavorful in itself, and of course, refillable whenever running low. There’s also tomyam soup if you fancy something spicy, though I usually prefer sticking with traditional soup base for steamboat.

Condiments in this place doesn’t impress much, there’s 3 different types of chili paste, and you can ask for chili padi, but that’s about it, no fancy fermented beancurd or fried shallot oil, but they are, I guess, sufficient.

The meal came to be about RM 40+ per person, which is in line with most quality air conditioned steamboat meals.

map to dian huo xin wo steamboat, kelana jaya


Dian Huo Xin Wo Steamboat
19, Jalan SS4D/2,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Ground Floor @ The Grand@Kelana SS6/2,
Lorong Damansara Lagenda,
Damansara Lagenda, 47301 Petaling Jaya
GPS:Β 3.113118, 101.599657Β 3.101798, 101.598425
Tel: 03-7887 4557 / 012-296 3886
Hours: 5pm to 11pm daily

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  1. immature 2.0

    uncle, i get sweaty too during steamboat, not from heat, but from gas tank between my legs…

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve had steamboat. It’s always a fun meal for us. πŸ˜‰

  3. I already like quail eggs with my steamboat but this one wrapped in fish paste…..lagi best! πŸ˜€

  4. I love steamboat! I just had it 2 days continuously LOL

  5. herbal black chicken soup base sounds very tempting, as well as the quail egg fish ball (i think i could happily eat half a dozen of those) … actually come to think of it, quail egg fish balls sound rather hipster also, rite. the next step would be for the shop to offer cold brew coffee to accompany the steamboat πŸ™‚

  6. KY, hotpot or steamboat is also popular in states and now in Hawaii for owner do not hired cooks just workers and someone to make soup stocks. Wish for Satay Celup
    in states and Hawaii. I heard Szechuan have one and super popular with the Chinese people there.

  7. steam boat’s only nice in cold weather… or rainy season.. right now it’s TOO HOT! LOL πŸ˜›

  8. We’ll have that for Chap Goh Meh…every year without fail. πŸ˜€

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