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Several weeks ago, a bunch of us went for another lunch session that’s worth sharing, especially for those who work or stay near the East side of Klang Valley – Warisan Rasa Kuale (Ribu Ribu) at Medan Selera Taman Keramat. A place that serves up quite a good selection of local Malay dishes, and some awesome ikan bakar to boot.

Warisan Rasa Kuale (ribu ribu) at Medan Selera Taman Keramat
Warisan Rasa Kuale (ribu ribu) at Medan Selera Taman Keramat

Warisan Rasa Kuale is located at the food court right opposite Sapura building on Jalan Enggang at Taman Keramat. The stall itself is deep inside the food court and not visible from the street, you’ll have to walk some 20 meters in.

The food court is your typical medan selera with tables covered in laminated plastic, and plastic chairs that are usually good enough to barely hold the weight of average Malaysian. Hygiene isn’t top notch, but was acceptable.

huge selection of ulam, ikan bakar, and other lauk
huge selection of ulam, ikan bakar, and other lauk

The selling point of this stall is the choices of ikan bakar and the dishes they serve. There’s no less than half a dozen different fish to choose from, including siakap, tilapia, kembung, keli, bawal, caru, patin, and even salmon! Additionally, they also have grilled lamb and grilled prawn.

There’s also over a dozen different ulam to choose from. You want pegaga? petai? cherry tomato? bitter gourd? They’re all here.

you gotta have greens, and spicy stuff!
you gotta have greens, and spicy stuff!

Other than those grilled stuff and green stuff, there’s also a good selection of other dishes. There’s fish curry, sotong, several types of masakan lemak, there’s kangkung belacan too.

Overall the food quality was rather good, and we liked that they serve three different types of sambal with ulam. I particularly enjoy the ikan bawal bakar (RM 20) with it’s fatty flesh, as well as their grilled lamb (RM 7). Those are some of the must-order dishes if you’re there.

fulfilling lunch for sure
fulfilling lunch for sure

If you’re up to some awesome traditional Malay lunch not far from Keramat/Ampang area, this is quite a decent place to check out. Prices are quite reasonable for what you get too.

map to Medan Selera Taman Keramat

Warisan Rasa Kuale (Ribu Ribu)
Medan Selera Taman Keramat
Jalan Enggang, Dato’ Keramat
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.176489, 101.753114

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  1. KY, I could go for lamb any way you make it right now. Temperature now is 40 degree. Which to some people not that cold. Chinese like lamb for cold weather due to it keep body warm.

  2. eating ulam is the best way to feel confident like we’re having a healthy meal! or at least semi-healthy 🙂

  3. CL (RealGunners)

    Wah, really beribu-ribu dishes!

  4. I love ikan bakar! Did you join in the merriment and eat with your hands? Extra yummy with hands! 😀

  5. immature 2.0

    that thick red sauce, it means serious stuff, uncle

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