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At work, I am lucky enough to be working with a pretty tight knit group who also happens to enjoy good food. Every now and then, we have little lunch trips to various places that offers something out of the ordinary office lunches, which we really enjoy.

Several weeks ago, when it was our “Datuk K’s” turn to belanja, he introduced Nasi Beriani Asif to us, which has since fast becoming one of our favorite venues.

Nasi Briyani Asif is located behind Fahrenheit 88 in Bukit Bintang
Nasi Briyani Asif is located behind Fahrenheit 88 in Bukit Bintang

Nasi Beriani Asif is located at the ground floor the less than glamorous 5-storey residential flat behind Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall in Bukit Bintang, facing the DBKL medan selera. Parking can be a bit challenging at the area, but not a huge issue if you are capable of side-parking your car in tight areas.

The restaurant is rather well set up and nicely decorated for where it is, it is also air conditioned and rather clean.

the lamb shank masala is a must-eat
the lamb shank masala is a must-eat

Asif serves traditional Pakistani cuisine, and while nasi briyani is their main offering, the menu is actually quite extensive.

Lamb shank masala (RM 22) is a definite must order when you’re here. You get a whole big shank perfectly prepared and so tender the meat falls off when you scrap it with a spoon. It goes absolutely awesome with their long grained nasi briyani or naan.

chicken masala, garlic cheese naan, palak paneer, and grill lamb chops
chicken masala, garlic cheese naan, palak paneer, and grill lamb chops

Chicken masala (RM 10) here is pretty good as well, and as with their naan (RM 3-10) that tastes almost like a superior version of middle eastern style pizza of sort. Traditional North indian dishes is found here too, we tried their palak paneer (RM 15) and really liked it, cottage cheese in mashed spinach, I can have that all day!

Then there’s their grilled lamb chops (RM 20), slightly charred on the outside yet juicy within, perfectly executed.

you're looking at a bunch of happy customers who'd be having food coma back at office later
a bunch of happy customers who’d be having food coma back at office after

While Nasi Beriani Asif may be priced a little bit on the higher side for the location, food quality is top notch and service is more than decent. We liked it, and have gone back there again several times since. If you’re into these sort of food, you’ll enjoy this place.

map to nasi beriani asif, imbi

Nasi Beriani Asif
Jalan Padang Walter Grenier,
Off Jalan Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.145463, 101.713254
Tel012-249 8764

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  1. The cheese naan looks like generously filled with cheese, oh so yum~~

  2. very mouthwatering! love the look of everything from the lamb shank to the palak paneer. but ya la, does productivity at the office drop after a mega-lunch like this? 😀

  3. KY, having a food coma is pretty bad when you heading back to office. It happened to me and have to take a little break before I able to see any patients. So those little pets have to wait a short while. Now I eat light lunch for heavy lunch made me so stuffed.

  4. immature 2.0

    uncle, i enjoy sweating spice

  5. Yahhh i know this spot.. great choice! We also like Masjid Jamek area for biryani hehe

  6. Never seen it spelt this way. Oooo…palak paneer! Haven’t had that for a long time now, can’t get that here. 🙁

  7. Morning Dubai Desert Safari

    Garlic cheese naan, Palak Paneer, and grill lamb chops looks very delicious. Palak Paneer is my favorite dish. Now a days im not in homeland that’s why i’m missing that taste so much.

  8. They have a new branch at M Suites on Jalan Ampang – a few meters from Great Eastern Mall. The telephone number at this location is 0126241099.

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