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Earlier we talked about the best mobile plan currently for those big data users, the instagram addict, the serial YouTube surfers, or like me, someone who actually stream NFL games on mobile, and together with the recent auto-play video feature on facebook, these activities can really chew up your data quota in a jiffy.

So of course, having more is better, but you want data that you can actually use, right?

U Mobile on iPhone 6
U Mobile on iPhone 6

So this week, I got a chance to test drive U Mobile’s network on an iPhone 6 to see how it actually perform, to see if the P70 plan with its 7 GB quota is fast enough for everyday use.

I loaded the sim card, which comes in 3-in-1 size to suit every phone model, and fire the baby up.

instagram is usually the app that uses most data for me
instagram is usually the app that uses most data for me

Within the minute, the phone is connected to U Mobile’s 4G LTE network, I was at the office at KLCC. First thing to load is of course, the all important Instagram application.

For the purpose of this test drive, I also installed the Open Signal App from the Appstore to properly gauge the performance of U Mobile’s network. Applications installed from Google Play Store without a hiccup, so far so good.

U Mobile 4G Network coverage

Now U Mobile has recently been very aggressive in upgrading and expanding their 4G coverage in the country. Many parts of Klang Valley, from Ampang to Cheras, Damansara to Shah Alam, and even Skudai and Port Dickson are now covered under their 4G umbrella. You can check the coverage on 

test driving the iPhone with U Mobile at various locations
test driving the iPhone with U Mobile at various locations

To be more systematic in evaluating the network, I’ve conducted some tests at several somewhat random places with the for download speed, the most important indicator for me. Open Signal is used for this purpose:

  • badminton court at Kampung Kayu Ara – 12.9 mbps
  • Sunway Pyramid by the ice skating rink – 14.3 mbps
  • by the i-City intersection in Shah Alam – 10.5 mbps
  • Sup Hussin, Setapak (best sup kambing & they even have sup lidah!) – 27.0 mbps

LTE connected, set, go!
LTE connected, set, go!

From my personal opinion, I think the 4G coverage is currently good enough for probably over 90% of my usage, which is more than satisfactory, 3G speed is pretty decent and would be able to do what I need to accomplish if and when I’m out of the 4G coverage.

In the couple weeks of testing, network hiccups only happened a couple times (solved by disable/enabling data), and video streaming on NFL Game Pass and YouTube application were pretty smooth as well. I find no huge difference between U Mobile and other mobile networks I’ve used in the past.

Having said that, 4G coverage for U Mobile outside Klang Valley is still somewhat of a work in progress, so for those residing in other areas, your experience may vary. Then again, the value offered is pretty much unbeatable if you are OK with 3G speed (which is sufficient most of the time).

So if you are looking for a data centric mobile plan and don’t want to break your bank, do check out U Mobile, after all, it’s doesn’t require any commitment.

Discuss : U Mobile – now with more 4G coverage!

  1. Hmmm… I guess I better check out U Mobile then! 😀

  2. Sure is very good there – not so here, I’ve been told. They say they’re riding on somebody else, don’t remember which mobile provider here. I hope they will upgrade what they have here – I sure would love to switch over, the few here sure leave a lot to be desired and we have no choice – they are the only ones we have.

    • suituapui: ya can get a bit tricky if you happen to be in different coverage area, not sure how it is there at Sibu.

  3. i’ve been on Telco M since 1999, and whenever i get my mobile internet bill at the middle of each month, i think to myself, i really should switch to u mobile for better value … but i’ve just been slow to getting around to it 🙂

    • Sean: keeping the exact same plan for too long is a bit of a waste of $$ I think, the least we can do is renew and take advantage of cheaper device price or something.

  4. immature 2.0

    emm hi uncle, got any more reports from the UK – MAL Influenza Xchange Programme? Itz very contagious indeed…

  5. instagram also uses up the most data for me.. which is surprising.

  6. I just want to say…

  7. Hi KY, We’re in the process of moving our blogspot over to a wordress platform. Please come take a look and tell me what you think. We’re still working out the kinks and learning a new system so all feedback is much appreciated. Monica:

  8. You watch NFL?! That makes two of us in Malaysia hhahaha

  9. may I know the speed of umobile mobile data speed in ssetapak.going to study at tar uc after this n planning to sign p70

  10. seriously? how true is this?
    im in cheras but barely get 2 bar lines only

    • Farah23: I think it varies from places to places & device used.

      • agree on this as all telco has its weakness so is depends on luck
        but all place coverage wise should be the 2 that advertise 99 haha

  11. Firdaus

    I used to be U Mobile customer before. But the coverage at Kedah is not so good. Thay was back in 2008-09.
    Then i started to become U Mobile customer in March 2016,and i’m impressed! Their 3G is so fast. Even when i’m on 2G i still can access Instagram(with the help of Opera Max) That’s make me so impressed. Plus, their UMI packages are worth it.
    But their coverage is improving by the way. Only got 3G in towns. I hope their will improvise their coverage in Kedah and bring the 4g here. 😉

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