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On our first night to London, after checking into Dorsett at Sheperd’s Bush, we walked to the nearby Westfield London in search for dinner, and was greeted by Five Guys Burgers & Fries right at the entrance that we took.

I’ve heard about this burger chain on some forums before, so naturally we thought we’d gave it a try, after all, it is one of the most crowded restaurants in the mall (which turned out to be the largest mall in London).

£22.5 for 2 burgers, a milkshake, a soft drink, and 1 serving of fries
£22.5 for 2 burgers, a milkshake, a soft drink, and 1 serving of fries

Five Guys currently operates only in North America and in UK (since 2013), and is focus on burger, fries, milkshakes, and everything with bacon.

Ordering is a pretty straight forward affair – line up, order, pay, pick up your food, and get your drinks. Not very different from most fast food restaurants. They also have an open kitchen and prepare everything right in front of your eyes, it was super hectic, and I think most of us won’t last half an hour in there.

ermm.. cheeseburger, and bacon infused milk shake
ermm.. cheeseburger, and bacon infused milk shake

The menu is actually pretty simple. There’s burger, cheeseburger, bacon burger, bacon cheeseburger, and the “little” size of those variations. You then choose from over a dozen toppings & sauces to add to your burger

Additionally, there’s also sandwiches and hotdogs, but we’re not interested in those anyway.

We ended up ordering a little cheeseburger, a little bacon burger, a milk shake with bacon bits, a medium fries, and a soft drinks. All of which adds up to £22.50, London is certainly not a cheap place for food, even if it was fast food.

Haze & KY at Five Guys, Westfield London
Haze & KY at Five Guys, Westfield London

The burger was certainly juicy & wholesome, even though we opted for the “little” version, they still fill up the stomach pretty easily. The milk shake with bacon bits though, was excellent, and I wished it came with those “bubble tea” type of straws instead, sucking the bits via those tiny straw was a bit of a struggle.

It was overall a pretty satisfying meal. I think Five Guys sits somewhere in between the usual fast food chains and gourmet burger outlets, but those milkshakes though, that’s something else. Would not hesitate to try again.

map to Westfield London

Five Guys
Westfield London,
London W12 7SL, United Kingdom
GPS51.506733, -0.222849
Tel: +44 20 8740 7290

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Discuss : KY eats – Five Guys Burgers & Fries, London

  1. KY, glad you enjoyed Five Guys burgers. I never try it at the strip mall here in
    the states. Guess there so many burger joints around.

  2. Sounds like an orgy! Muahahahaha!!!! Ok, cheap! Just don’t convert into our miserable currency – can get a heart attack.

    • suituapui: hahaha, yah, what is this “cheap” thing you’re talking about when it comes to using GBP?

    • Five Guys is defo not cheap fast food! But eating out in the UK is generally not cheap either – spending £1 does not feel the same as spending RM1 when earning £ 🙂

      • Puiyee: yah, 1 GBP is certainly a bit more than 1 RM even if you go by “dollar to dollar”

  3. immature 2.0

    uncle go all the way to the UK and eat at an Uncle Sam restaurant???? Piak Piak….

  4. immature 2.0

    keke… the mini burger over there is like an XXL Ramlee burger…

  5. The prices too atas for my wallet.

  6. Wah…. go all the way to London to eat fast food meh. :/

    RM150 for fast food. I choked on my morning coffee wei!

    • Ahfa: Five Guys femmes ma wanna try, non-fast food can cost twice as much so.. that’s London price I guess.

  7. Those burgers are not “little” size at all! The bacon milk shake sound interesting, does it tasted savoury?

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