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Sunday Fun with Jazz

September 15, 2015 12 Comments

While I’m pretty active with badminton and futsal, I’ve also taken mountain biking as another weekend hobby not too long ago. There’s something about peddling like mad around the lush green trees in the rain forest that sooth the mind.

packing up my mountain bike in Honda Jazz
packing up my mountain bike in Honda Jazz

We started in the morning by packing my old trusted mountain bike in the Jazz.

While the car may look pretty diminutive from the outside, it has some pretty neat trick up its sleeve. For one, the rear seats can be arranged in several configurations according to your need.

I folded it down into utility mode and threw my mountain bike in with ease. In fact, it’ll take 2 full size mountain bikes without breaking a sweat.

loving the bluetooth enable in-car entertainment system
loving the bluetooth enable in-car entertainment system

first pit stop - lemang stalls by Karak Highway (before Genting exit)
Lemang stalls by Karak Highway (before Genting exit)

Along the way before we reach Janda Baik, there stopped by the lemang stalls by Karak Highway just a short distance before Genting Highland exit  (GPS: 3.325877,101.748323).

For RM 14 we got ourselves a whole tube of lemang and a container of serunding. Add a couple cans of cold soft drinks and you got yourself a pretty awesome brunch.

a bit of Mountain Biking at Janda Baik
a bit of Mountain Biking at Janda Baik

We got to Janda Baik, I unload the bike, affixed the front wheel, and spent some of time cycling around the trail a bit. Nothing beats the fresh air up in the hill if you’re sweating.

"Refresh Mode" - best for a bit of in-car snoozing
“Refresh Mode” – best for a bit of in-car snoozing

After cycling, the “refresh mode” came into play – by removing the headrest and fold the front seat all the way down, you can actually “join” it to the rear seat to form a sort of “Business Class” horizontal bed for a bit of snooze fest. Why wouldn’t anyone thought of this earlier?

Sekinchan paddy field, it's 2015, year of selfie?
Sekinchan paddy field, it’s 2015, year of selfie?

After resting for a while – we decided to drop by Sekinchan for a while. Because, why not? Some 120 km later, we reached Sekinchan, a place so tranquil and serene it almost seem impossible that it is actually within the state of Selangor, just an hour or so’s drive from the bustling PJ, or Bandar Utama. I always love the vast expanse of flat land and the seabreeze.

The 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine with CVT gearbox proved to be pretty frugal in fuel consumption. With around RM50 spent on fuel, I am impressed with the area that we have covered for the day.

We spent about half an hour or so recharging our souls by the paddy field before continuing our final leg of the journey.

this car would look good at our new crib
this car would look good at our new crib

Another 50 km or so later, we reached KEN Rimba, our future new crib (still under renovation), and I think the Jazz sure look pretty good here, don’t you think?

For more information on Honda Jazz and other models, head to

Discuss : Sunday Fun with Jazz

  1. your post will have everyone craving a getaway from the city! 😀

  2. Oooo…lemang with serunding! I like!

  3. so in summary…. you’re getting one? 🙂

    • FireAngel: if i’m in a position for a new sedan I’ll really give it a very serious consideration, except now I’m not in a great financial position to do so.

  4. KY, my mom have 4 bikes and one tricycle that folding too. The other also folding due able to take on public transits at time like subway and ferry and buses. Only thing with my mom she hardly ride them . I something use her bikes like folding one to places with my friends and sister. First time she brought tricycle from the store outside to ride home she got into accident. She broke her eye glasses all her teeth all most lucky.

    No one ever fell off an tricycle but mom did with brand new one too in front of the store she got it from.

    • Vickie: we have a folding bike too, it’s quite convenient isn’t it?

      • KY, I love it for easy to pack in car instead having bike rack and many people like it to take on public transits. As for mom she now into wall climbling of all things a person of her age!

  5. Nice car, nice house, nice girl, nice trip. You have everything

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