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Not too many days ago I found myself at Seapark looking to go for some chicken rice at Hoe Fong, and sure enough it wasn’t open, so we headed for 2nd option – Tong Fong kopitiam at around the corner just behind KFC.

"James Bond" char kuih teow at Restaurant Tong Fong, Seapark
“James Bond” char kuih teow at Restaurant Tong Fong, Seapark

The kopitiam serves pretty good curry mee and beef noodle, but the bright yellow banner that says “James Bond Fried Kuey Teow” caught my attention. Another peek revealed that this self-proclaimed James Bond is at about Sean Connery’s age, so I ordered a plate for myself using my trusted Penang Hokkien, which he understood – litmus test passed!

decent prawn, big cockles, good "wok hei", not a bad plate of char kuih teow
decent prawn, big cockles, good “wok hei”, not a bad plate of char kuih teow

The ensuing plate of char kuih teow turned out to be more than decent. Good size prawn, juicy cockles, and kuih teow fried with some decent fire, it was pretty good. I only wished there’s a duck egg option and that maybe I should have ordered it a bit more spicy. But it did satisfy my cravings and more than made my stomach happy.

map to restaurant Tong Fong, Seapark

Tong Fong restaurant
Jalan 21/17,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS3.110142, 101.621673
Hoursbreakfast and lunch

Discuss : KY eats – James Bond Char Kuih Teow, PJ Seapark

  1. CL (RealGunners)

    I’m disappointed that you did not have a photo of “James Bond”. 😀

  2. Conn Shonnery

    Was there a Mish Moneypenny dish

  3. The last time I was here, I blogged about the beef noodles and curry mee but I don’t remember seeing this James Bond. Hmmm…must try that when I’m here again.

  4. KY, char kuih with wok hei is how I like it also. I also like pan fried noodle cake top with seafood and vegetable. That Cantonese style that served in Hong Kong a lot.

    • Vickie: pan fried noodle cake in Malaysia is called char kuih kak, slightly different ingredients but similar enough I think.

  5. Ooo.. i gotta try this one and see if it passes my litmus test!! I also have some favourites.. so must compare all. What’s the price ar?

    • Ciki: I think it was RM 6.

      • no wonder my wife couldnt find him at the old ss2 cheowyang i knw where to find him. Thanks ky.

        • Wee: didn’t know he was from chow yang, good to know. 😀

          • I discovered James Bond CKT years ago when he was at the Chow Yang a/c coffee shop.

            When that shop closed down – again – I then found him by chance at Tong Fong.

            Now he’s disappeared from Tong Fong – presumably back to MI6?

            I’m missing his ckt.

  6. Hmmm…you went for chicken rice and ended up eating char kwayteow. Oooo…the cockle!!! Yummmm!!!! Did he give you that wrinkled forehead look and say, “My name is Bond…James Bond”? LOL!!!

  7. big cockles is what i need! was visiting penang over the weekend and popped by tiger char kuey teow at carnarvon, and it had cockles, but not very big ones 🙂

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