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Wherever there are office workers, there’ll be mixed rice stalls, and often time it is very difficult to tell them apart in terms of quality. This is especially challenging at places like Wisma Sentral with a number of different stalls catering to wage earners working at KLCC and surrounding area.

Nasi Campur at Wisma Sentral, KLCC
Nasi Campur at Wisma Sentral, KLCC

But after years of being here, I think I’ve found my favorite halal food stall in the building – the Kelantanese place at the far right corner on ground floor.

On the surface, this place doesn’t look very different from the other half a dozen different stalls, but on closer inspection, you’ll notice that there are subtle differences.

the selection of ulam is what brings me here
the selection of ulam is what brings me here

Firstly, the selection of ulam is excellent. There’s always at least about a dozen different raw vegetable to choose from that pairs well with some the few choices of sambal. This ranges from cucumber, tomato, long bean, lady’s finger, to petai, ulam raja, and more.

Furthermore, they also have a pretty big selection of ikan bakar freshly made just prior to lunch hours. With patin, kembung, keli, and a few other choices available.

However, my personal favorite from this stall has got to be their solok lada – this unique East Coast dish is basically a stuffed green chili with a mixture of fish & coconut insert. If you think yong tau foo is good, this one will blow your mind. I love it!

some of the typical "lauk" we usually go for
some of the typical “lauk” we usually go for

So if you’re around KLCC area (or happen to work here), do check out this stall, it may not be the cheapest option among the few, but it is definitely the one I enjoy most.

Nasi Campur (Right far end corner)
Ground Floor
Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur
3.158728, 101.714473
Hours: Weekday Lunch

Discuss : KY eats – Nasi Campur Kelantan at Wisma Sentral, KLCC

  1. KY, huge spread you had there. That was lunch would indeed filled me up and not have dinner at night.

  2. Would really love to go there. Food hunting is on.

  3. come to kelantan and i take you for more solok lada…

    • William: I would one of these days, in fact Kelantan is the only state I haven’t step foot in

  4. aiya now only you tell me … i used to work at an office near citibank before this … i want solok lada too! 🙂

  5. Must KIV this place. Never been to Kelantan, don’t think I would ever make my way there but I sure would like to enjoy the best in their cuisine. I love nasi kerabu, laksiam…all the nice delights from there!

  6. Thanks for ur support. The owner is my lovely brother,n the cooking master there is my sister in law. Suituapui,u must being there some good day,laksam n nasi kerabu also in their menu….

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