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For all the fast food chains out there, KFC remains one of my favorites through the test of time. In fact, I always remember one of my first KFC experiences back in one of their signature outlets near Penang Plaza on the island up north. The steaming hot chicken with crispy skin that I grew up with, and to this day, I still have to get my KFC fix every now and then.

KFC at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
KFC at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

It is also safe to say that I have tried almost all the different dishes KFC Malaysia has come up with, and when I was approached to talk about the latest Masak Merah Rice Wrap, I see no reason not to.

Rice wrap is something that KFC introduced to the market not too long ago, it has steadily been gaining popularity due to being easy to consume, and positively wholesome.

KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap
KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap

So I ordered myself the new KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap to give it a try.

The wrap is certainly Jumbo in size, and comes with Zinger Chicken fillet strips, Colonel rice, vegetables including cucumber, onion, and tomato all packed in a toasted tortilla wrap. The chicken is boneless.

It was actually good, I can definitely still feel the crispiness of the chicken strips as I munched into the wrap. The masak merah sauce was actually quite spicy and provided a nice kick to the meal. It was as they advertised – wholesomely satisfying.

I can definitely see this as a great option especially when you’re on the move.

masak merah flavour and sauce gives it  a spicy kick
masak merah flavour and sauce gives it  a spicy kick

The combo meal cost RM 8.90 and comes with a regular fries, and soft drinks. The wrap itself is priced at RM 6.90 ala carte.

Check out the video on the Masak Merah Rice Wrap above, pretty entertaining and I think fully captured the day-to-day life of many working folks – our busy life style but at the same time not forgetting the traditional taste that we grow up with.

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Discuss : Spicy Buzz – New KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap

  1. Something like burrito? Sounds good though I am not particularly a huge fan of fast food

  2. CL (RealGunners)

    Yeah, I was surprised too, at how packed this rice wrap is, like the Cantonese says: full of “liew”. I was not too impressed with their salted egg crunch, but their ayam kicap meletup and this masak merah rice wrap are pretty much spot on!

    • CL: salted egg crunch is a bit of an acquired taste which I somehow find myself OK with, this one is pretty good tho!

  3. KY, I had rice wrap in Hong Kong and Beijing a while back but not the same as

    what you had. It was more Chinese type at Mcdonald of all place. This one you showed seem bigger and filling. I have a KFC near my home in San Francisco it
    sold grill buritto

    • Vickie: I think KFC does pretty well on acclimatization to local culture and taste, isn’t it?

  4. immature 2.0

    wahhh, food items like these does not promote finger lickin good 🙁

  5. immature 2.0

    walau uncle, i wonder if your KFC post will have more page hitz than your BKT ones, kek

  6. Yes la I agree.. even KFC has its place. I like the original! 😀

  7. Can’t remember the last time I stepped into one of their outlets. Perhaps they deserve a second chance… 😉

  8. ooo, i was actually tempted enough to try it, and bought one at my neighbourhood mall’s KFC this week. i also thought it was quite sedap … the reliably tasty chicken, the added texture of the rice … wouldn’t mind having again! 😀

  9. affordable hor 🙂

  10. George SSF

    Less visit to KFC as it served in oily meals. Was try to control myself avoid in eating such unhealthy meal. But this rice wrap is not bad trying.

  11. i kenot live without KFC..must have once week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Irvine Chin

    Just the name… the looks of it… the texture… eveything seems delicious 😀

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