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Those of you who have followed this blog or my Instagram/FB channels for a while know that I’m quite a big fan of Penang Curry Mee, whenever I see any place that claims to offer them, I’ll give it a try.

Curry Mee at Tong Fong restaurant, PJ Seapark
Curry Mee at Tong Fong restaurant, PJ Seapark

So when Haze pointed out to me that there’s this stall offering Penang Curry Mee at Tong Fong kopitiam at Seapark while we were buying battery for the car, it became the de facto lunch choice for that day.

Tong Fong kopitiam is situated right behind KFC at Seapark, other than the rather popular beef noodle, there weren’t many hawker stalls worth mentioning, until this one.

coagulated pork blood and raw cockles, the most important ingredients
coagulated pork blood and raw cockles, the most important ingredients

To be perfectly honest, this stall does not offer 100% pure Penang Curry Mee. While having coagulated pork blood, cockles (two of the most important ingredients), cuttlefish, tofupok, and mint leaves, it lacks prawns, and comes with a few pieces of shredded chicken as well as some green beans. So in terms of ingredients, it was about 80% Penang, 20% KL, a bit of a mixed marriage.

there's no prawns in this curry mee, but I'm not complaining
there’s no prawns in this curry mee, but I’m not complaining

The good thing though is that it works, the broth was rather fragrant, and the sambal, while a tad on the oilier side, provided a pretty good kick. I can excuse the lack of prawn in this case.

If you can wake up before 9 am, Restaurant Okay’s version may still be a bit better, but this place serves till lunch, and I sure hope the stall stays.

map to restaurant Tong Fong, Seapark

Tong Fong restaurant
Jalan 21/17,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS3.110142, 101.621673
Hoursbreakfast and lunch

Discuss : KY eats – Penang Curry Mee at Seapark

  1. OK lah, not sure about the chili paste but the soup looks fine. Mai hiam liao LOL

  2. Yup, prawns are over-rated especially the big ones. An excuse to jack up the prices. As long as the broth is nice, good enough…and the sambal too.

  3. KY, this is a different kind of curry I would enjoy having. So special the ingredents in making it. Love curries and enjoyed eating it morning noon and night.

    • Vickie: Yah, this is a very spicy version that’s quite unique to Malaysia I think.

  4. CL (RealGunners)

    Prawns mahal lah, GST. Substitute with chicken lah…

  5. immature 2.0

    uncle prefer white or dark laksa? best dark laksa i had is near kek lok si, yummma mama

  6. immature 2.0

    aiyo got spammer coming, me hope uncle will not enable antispam questions again, it so hard, like what is 1 + 1 = ?, i have to use calculator everytime…

  7. I’m totally okay with KL style though because I’m not fancy of coagulated pork blood and raw cockles 😛

  8. Ah, fusion laksa! Prawns expensive these days mah. Must make a point to come here for this and the beef noodles. I’ve been to Restoran Okay but never before 9am, so cannot get to eat their laksa 🙁

  9. Try the Penang Curry Mee at NOOODLES Subang Skypark. Recommended

  10. bryan toh

    I think Ok Cafe still the best . can say 90% like Penang curry Mee already

  11. Tried it – no good lah – can get a better one at OUG – Kuantan Road Curry Mee (also famous pork mee here) – next to market –

  12. This fella like his in laws…can’t stay long in 1 place…This time dunno where he goes…anyone any idea?

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