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Last week while doing some work on the new house, we found ourselves at Taman Berkeley looking for something to eat for lunch and spotted this unassuming hawker stall at Restoran Taman Berkeley that offers beef noodle.

Tongkak beef noodle stall at Restoran Taman Berkeley
Tongkak beef noodle stall at Restoran Taman Berkeley

The banner outside stated “tongkak beef noodle”, which didn’t mean anything to me initially until I recalled that a friend told me her hometown serves the best beef noodle, and she’s from Tangkak. So naturally I’m assuming Tangkak = Tongkak in hawker style spelling (that or it infringes on some other places’ copyright).

We ordered two bowls.

glorious beef noodle
glorious beef noodle

Both the soup and the dry version are very similar. You get to choose from kuih teow, meehun, or yellow noodle. The soup is laden with various cuts of beef, tendon, brisket, white radish, and bits of salted vegetable.

available in both dry and soup version
available in both dry and soup version

We ended up really liking it, I’ve never been to Tangkak and can’t verify if this is “authentic” nor can I make a fair comparison, but I find myself really enjoying the meat, particularly due to how soft and tender they are (just like most Klang BKT with pork).Β The bits of salted vegetable and radish too adds to the dish, and if you like a bit of kick, there’s the home-made chili sauce on the side.

I will next try the other beef noodle place at Taman Berkeley.

map to taman berkeley, Klang

Restoran Taman Berkeley
Leboh Bangau & Jalan Lang,
Taman Berkeley, Klang

GPS: 3.058252, 101.463231

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  1. Vickie

    KY, you got a new house? Sweet and see you have fish pond in it also? That noodle in it look different type use. It must not made with egg but meat seem a lot for that dish which is great.

    • Vickie: yesss, a new house with a pond, it’s a pretty exciting time getting it all ready.

  2. Jenson

    Ky….I prefer the other beef noodles, and they also serve some decent char kuey teow, mee hoon kueh and curry mee.

  3. Oh i would love to try this! Bring me there KY kor kor? πŸ˜›

  4. immature 2.0

    ah uncle alfred does it again!

  5. Heard of the name ever so often, never tried.

  6. I like those soften white radish the best in a bowl of beef noodles.

  7. I feel so hungry now, though I just ate.

    Nice post.

  8. Looks so yummy

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