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Sometimes there are instances where I visited a place and be impressed, then proceed to forget about it and waited till more than half a year before writing a blog entry, this is one of such instance, and the restaurant is Gyukingu Japanese BBQ at Kota Damansara.

Gyukingu at kota damansara
Gyukingu at kota damansara

Gyukingu is located next to Sunway Giza, on the first floor at the same shoplots that also houses Al Rajhi bank (what an unfortunate logo for a bank). As with most anywhere in Kota Damansara PJU 5 area, getting a desirable parking space requires a little bit of patience and quite a lot of element of luck.

gyukingu beef set, under RM 40
gyukingu BBQ mixed beef set, under RM 40

The menu at Gyukingu is pretty extensive, and as the name suggests, mostly consist of beef.

If you want to splurge, there’s some pretty high end stuff like saga beef that is priced over RM 100+ per 100 gram, but there are also some affordable sets and “normal” priced items to choose from.

For example, the BBQ mixed beef set, priced at under RM 40, is a mighty fine way to enjoy their BBQ while not risking skipping your rental for the month.

mixed beef set comes with ox tongue as well
mixed pork platter was pretty good too.

If beef isn’t your favorite type of meat, or that you have a religious obligation to avoid consuming beef, Gyukingu also serves pork. We tried their mixed pork platter, and while not as flavorful as beef (grilled pork is rarely as good), they were actually still rather good, especially the “bacon cuts”. They even serve tongue as well.

soup and rice dishes are available too
soup and rice dishes are available too

For those who aren’t a fan of having to grill your own meat, there are rice bowls, soups, and even udon available here as well. They are usually priced at around RM 20 range. Yuki swore by the BBQ Pork Rice Bowl here, and it was only RM 14.80 or so.

the yuzu ice cream was excellent
the yuzu ice cream was excellent, and raw beef anyone?

Another one of our favorites was the beef sashimi that came in a form that’s not entirely unlike beef tartar. Chopped raw beef with an egg yolk on top. If you haven’t had raw beef, try it! It’s very close to high quality raw tuna. This version was less than RM 30 as well.

Oh, and be sure to end your dinner with some rather excellent Yuzu ice cream, it’ll set you back at RM 10 a scoop, but it’s really worth it!

Suan, Horng, Haze, Lance, Mel
Suan, Horng, Haze, Lance, Mel

If you’re a fan of BBQ beef, this is definitely a place to check out, but even if you’re not, there are enough other choices to satisfy most everyone.

map to Gyukingu, Kota Damansara

Gyukingu Japanese BBQ
Jalan PJU 5/17, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.151760, 101.591259
Tel03-6143 7750

I usually love meat in pretty much every meal, but every now and then, it’s good to get in tune with our slightly more spiritual side and slow down this whole butchery of living beings for our gastronomic pleasure.

That… or you do it with colleagues/friends because of the company.

Vegetarian Food at Kun Yam Thong Temple
Vegetarian Food at Kun Yam Thong Temple

In either case, if you’re a fan of Chinese religious style vegetarian (no ginger & some other restrictions), the Kun Yam Thong Temple at Jalan Ampang is one of the best places to be when it comes to value and selection.

The temple is located between Citibank and KLCC, just a stone’s throw away from the MCA building. There’s no exterior clue as to it being anything other than a temple, but head in, and walk towards the rear of the building will reveal an entirely different identity the façade suggests.

very big selection of vegetarian food, including fruits & drinks
very big selection of vegetarian food, including fruits & drinks

Here you find a very good selection of vegetarian dishes. Head to the “chap fan” area and there are at least 3-4 dozen dishes to pick from to go along with steamed rice, “red rice”, or even meehun.

There's a huge vegetarian canteen at the Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery, Jalan Ampang. Just next to Wisma MCA. Everyone is welcomed. This plate was RM 5. Opens for lunch. @sycookies I am eating vegetables ok. #kyeats #vegetarian #lunch #ampang

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Other than that, there’s also vegetarian pan mee, wantan mee, curry mee, pumpkin spaghetti, tomyam meehun, and other noodle dishes according to day of week. On every 1st & 15th of Chinese lunar calendar, they also offer vegetarian bak kut teh.

this plate of meehun with quite a lot of vegetable was RM 5
this plate of meehun with quite a lot of vegetable was RM 5

The taste of food here is generally pretty good, and best of all, prices are more than decent. My plate of meehun with two pieces of vegetarian “roast goose”, radish with mushroom, and pumpkin only cost RM 5, and I don’t think there’s GST!

To keep the price low, everything here is self served, and do make sure that you bring your plates & empty glasses to the cleaning area when done.

Happy eating!

map to Kun Yam Thong temple at Jalan Ampang

Kun Yam Thong Temple
Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.159702, 101.715831
Hours: Lunch on weekdays

3A couple years ago I was one of the earlier adopters in fitness tracker with the jawbone. Since that unit became faulty with a defunct vibration mode, I sort of stopped using it, until I was introduced to Mi Band by Yee Hou, Xiaomi’s answer to activity tracker than costs only RM 69 instead of the usual RM 300-400 from other brands.

This is my short review and why you may want to think of getting one.

mi band on my wrist and being charged
mi band on my wrist and being charged


Well, an activity tracker is basically something that you wear on you 24/7 and tracks what you do to a certain extend. In the case of Mi Band, it tracks your step counts as well as the number of hours you sleep. You can usually view these information on a connected mobile application or the tracker itself.

Additionally, some activity trackers also has reminder functions, calorie counts, alarms, or even connect to heart rate monitors.

In the case of Xiaomi’s Mi Band, it has the following functions worth mentioning, additionally, it is paired with the phone with Bluetooth 4.0.

  • step counting
  • sleep tracking
  • alarms
  • alerts
  • rope skipping & sit ups

mi band as a pedometer
mi band as a pedometer


The one feature every activity tracker has is the step count. In essence, this is just a pedometer that counts pretty much every single step you take throughout the day.

Mi Band’s feature is pretty basic, it’ll try to “guess” when you are running versus walking, but I find it generally doing a pretty poor job of guessing, though the step count is quite spot on.

The default goal is 8,000 steps per day, once you reach 1/3 of that, the band blinks one of 3 LEDs when you bring the band up from your wrist in a “look at your watch” gesture. 2 LEDs when you reach 2/3, and all 3 plus vibration when you hit the 8000 mark.

However, the gesture doesn’t always work, and I prefer to use the application to view the step count anyway.

On the app, you can also view a breakdown of today’s steps, and view a history of previous days/weeks/monthly average. However, there is no way to view detailed breakdown of yesterday or any other day’s count. There is also no web-version of the app.

mi band sleep tracking
mi band sleep tracking


Unlike other fitness tracker that requires you to manually enter a sleep mode, Mi Band tracks you sleeping pattern at night automatically, and with that there’s pros & cons.

You will never forget to manually click a button before you go to sleep, but at the same time, the band has no ability to track afternoon naps. It’ll merely come up as inactivity period(s).

You also cannot edit sleep time on the application. I wish this could change in the future via updates.

However, it still does its job quite well 90% of the time, giving you a pretty good idea of how much sleep (or the lack of) you get throughout the week.

mi band alarm & charging
mi band alarm & charging


Another neat feature of Mi Band is the alarm function. You can set 3 recurring alarms and the band will vibrate and blink at those set time. It’s a great way to wake up without having to bother the person sleeping next to you (or at the same room).

The battery life on Mi Band is advertised at 1 month per charge, and from experience it is actually even better than advertised. I still have 27% left at day 36. I’ll trade not having a display for long battery life any day.

Mi Band also has other, less useful features like being able to share your target achieving streaks or daily step counts on social media platforms such as Facebook or WeChat, and you can also track sit ups and rope jumping, though I’ve never really bothered with those.


Mi Band is a great little piece of gadget that is absolutely worth the price you pay for it. Sure, the functions are pretty basic, but it does it well and has excellent battery life to boot.

If you’re looking into having a basic tracker to be a healthier and more active person, Mi Band is not a bad way to start.

Last weekends I went back up north for cheng beng (Hokkien for prayers to ancestors & grave cleaning), and this time around instead of heading back to Penang, we slept over at my brother’s new house at Sungai Petani instead.

More reason to try some of the local hawker fair my brother talked about.

Curry Mee is the busiest stall at Eupe food court, sungai petani
Curry Mee is the busiest stall at Eupe food court, sungai petani

We went to the (I think) the number one hawker attraction in Sungai Petani – the curry mee stall at Eupe food court.

The food court itself is converted by stripping off the walls and ceiling of 28 shop lots to create a giant dining area under one roof, there are dozens of stalls offering various types of food, with the curry mee stall being the one that’s easiest to spot – the one with a long queue.

slices of fresh mackerel is what made this awesome
slices of fresh mackerel is what made this awesome

The ingredients for this curry mee is very different from the ones in Penang or KL. Instead of pork blood, prawns, and cockles, what we have here is a couple slices of fresh mackerel, lady’s fingers, tomato, potato, and half an egg. Of course, there’s the curry broth and sambal. You can also ask for pork ribs as additional topping.

The mixture worked pretty good, felt unusual at first but it proved to be really worth the wait. The best part about this curry mee is the freshness of the fish. According to my brother, if the market doesn’t have fresh fish for the day, the stall isn’t opened.

me & my younger brother, who's a doctor at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim
me & my younger brother, who’s a doctor at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim

If you’re at SP, get on the queue and spend the RM 6 for this, you’ll not regret.

map to Eupe food court, Sungai Petani

Eupe Food Court
Jalan Gamelan 5,
Taman Ria Jaya,
08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah
Hours: 9 am till around lunch time

One of the lesser known dishes in Penang is “hokkein char“, or literally, Hokkien Fried noodle. It is a dish found on most hawker centers and probably most of the bigger kopitiam, but unlike the more glamorous Pennag dishes like char kuih teow, curry mee or prawn mee that is famous everywhere, I’ve yet to find a proper hokkien char stalls in Klang Valley.

Hokkien Char & Char Hor Fun, Anson Road wet market
Hokkien Char & Char Hor Fun, Anson Road wet market

This blog post is about a Hokkien Char stall located at Anson Road wet market in Penang. It is not a particularly well known stall, in fact, it is absolutely average. In fact, I ended up trying this only because I was waiting for the immensely popular kuih teow soup at the same place (a must-try for kuih teow soup fans)

It is presented as how Hokkien Char should be, and tasted how it should taste, just the way I like it.

Penang hokkein char, where can I get one in KL?
Penang hokkein char, where can I get one in KL?

The anatomy of Hokkien Char is simple. There’s yellow noodle and mee hun, prawns, vegetable (choi sam usually), and pork slices fried with some sort of brown sauce, then topped with char siu and fried shallot. Most importantly, it is served with Penang style sambal balacan that’s positively spicy and foul smelling. Sometimes you get an odd fish ball or fish cakes thrown in as well.

The combination just works, and to me, a far superior rendition of fried noodle than KL’s “Hokkien Mee” with it’s overloaded dark soya sauce.

If you’re in Penang, give it a try!

muar chee, this one right outside Ayer Itam wet market
muar chee, this one right outside Ayer Itam wet market

Oh, also, don’t forget to try some Muar Chee as well. They’re absolutely fantastic and usually don’t cost more than RM 2 or so. If you like Kampachi’s signature peanut mochi, you will absolutely enjoy this.

direction to Anson Road market

Hokkien Char Stall
Anson Road Market
Jalan Anson & Lebuh Melaka
GPS: 5.415880, 100.320892
Hours: daily breakfasts except Mondays