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I usually love meat in pretty much every meal, but every now and then, it’s good to get in tune with our slightly more spiritual side and slow down this whole butchery of living beings for our gastronomic pleasure.

That… or you do it with colleagues/friends because of the company.

Vegetarian Food at Kun Yam Thong Temple
Vegetarian Food at Kun Yam Thong Temple

In either case, if you’re a fan of Chinese religious style vegetarian (no ginger & some other restrictions), the Kun Yam Thong Temple at Jalan Ampang is one of the best places to be when it comes to value and selection.

The temple is located between Citibank and KLCC, just a stone’s throw away from the MCA building. There’s no exterior clue as to it being anything other than a temple, but head in, and walk towards the rear of the building will reveal an entirely different identity the façade suggests.

very big selection of vegetarian food, including fruits & drinks
very big selection of vegetarian food, including fruits & drinks

Here you find a very good selection of vegetarian dishes. Head to the “chap fan” area and there are at least 3-4 dozen dishes to pick from to go along with steamed rice, “red rice”, or even meehun.

There's a huge vegetarian canteen at the Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery, Jalan Ampang. Just next to Wisma MCA. Everyone is welcomed. This plate was RM 5. Opens for lunch. @sycookies I am eating vegetables ok. #kyeats #vegetarian #lunch #ampang

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Other than that, there’s also vegetarian pan mee, wantan mee, curry mee, pumpkin spaghetti, tomyam meehun, and other noodle dishes according to day of week. On every 1st & 15th of Chinese lunar calendar, they also offer vegetarian bak kut teh.

this plate of meehun with quite a lot of vegetable was RM 5
this plate of meehun with quite a lot of vegetable was RM 5

The taste of food here is generally pretty good, and best of all, prices are more than decent. My plate of meehun with two pieces of vegetarian “roast goose”, radish with mushroom, and pumpkin only cost RM 5, and I don’t think there’s GST!

To keep the price low, everything here is self served, and do make sure that you bring your plates & empty glasses to the cleaning area when done.

Happy eating!

map to Kun Yam Thong temple at Jalan Ampang

Kun Yam Thong Temple
Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.159702, 101.715831
Hours: Lunch on weekdays

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  1. vegetarian bak kut teh … now i must go consult my lunar calendar to find out when’s the 1st and 15th 😀

  2. Had a vegetarian burger once a long time ago, patty made from shitake, not bad, not really the same…but nice. Yet to have anything vegetarian since…

  3. KY, vege eater I am at time. When in Taipei enjoyed lot vegetarian restaurants they have and much better for you too. Great skill in making food taste and look so good almost like meat items.

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    naiiissssss, thankies to magic ingredient 621

  5. Walao, win liao lor, eat until temple!

  6. CL (RealGunners)

    Interesting! The last time I passed by that temple was probably a few years ago when they were still under renovation. Probably can bring my mom here as she is into vegetarian and all those health eating cr*p..

  7. Hi. Would like to check whether your temple got place ancestors? We are looking for temple to place ancestors. Kindly assist. Thank you

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