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For all these years staying within a kilometer or two within Seapark, I never knew the existence of this row of hawker stalls in the morning right beside the wet market until about half a year ago when introduced by my ex-colleague, Kelvin.

Updates 8/2/2017: As per reader Juan – stall have moved to a proper shop at 61, Jalan 20/7 Taman Paramount, very near to Seaview kopitiam.

Seapark Morning Market curry mee
Seapark Morning Market curry mee

The reason that made me want to visit this hawker row was the picture of curry wantan mee shared by Kelvin that looks rather delicious. So a particular fair weathered morning not too long ago, I did just that.

dry "curry mee" with a side of tofu pok
dry “curry mee” with a side of tofu pok

The stall operates from around 4 am and usually sold out before 9. If you want to have super early breakfast, this is definitely the place to go.

The dry version is what most people go for, you have a choice of kuih teow, yellow noodle, or meehun as stomach filler, with the other ingredients being minced meat, sliced fish cake, fried fuchuk, and a side of curry broth with tofu pok & fish ball. Of course, there’s the all important fragrant chili paste as well.

this is available from around 4 am in the morning
this is available from around 4 am in the morning

So how does it taste?

Well, I’ve never had this exact same combination before, but I think it works pretty well. There’s sweetness from dark soya sauce, the spiciness and fragrance from sambal paste, and savoriness from meat and fish ball/fish cake.

For RM 5, this makes a pretty good breakfast. Now if they also offer coffee, that’ll be great.

map to seapark morning market hawker row

Curry wantan mee
Jalan 21/22, Sea Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.110397, 101.621757
Tel: 011-2628 4688 
Hours: from 4am to 8-9am

Discuss : KY eats – Curry Mee at Seapark Morning Market

  1. KY, you were there at around 4am in the morning? Must so special to head there. I some time
    wake up that early but no special places to head to but Denny which 24 hours or make a pot of
    congee (jook) to eat. My cat look at the congee but no thanks not into eating it

    • Vickie: I remember Denny’s! Went there a few times when I was in Minnesota, not the best food but it’s the only thing available at those hours. Anyway I went to this breakfast at around 7+, not 4am. haha.

  2. immature 2.0

    if the kon low mien mix with curry lagi CHHENG, hah amateur lol lol

  3. Joyceanne

    sold out before 9am. waaaaaa. the noodles and fishball looks good! next time you can have some early breakfast before your biking dy.

  4. DRY curry mee? I think I would love that! I love clear soup…and I’m ok with Sarawak laksa but noodles in curry gravy, not really. Will have once in a while for a change, that’s all.

  5. Err… something different from my expectation. I was thinking of some concentrated, thick curry drenched over the noodles… mana tahu… served as side LOL

    • Ken: I too thought it’ll be thick curry, but alas it’s not to be, still nice tho!

  6. Too bad thr’s no more wantan mee for u XP (since u mention only kuih teow, yellow noodle, or meehun)

  7. Hi, this stall have moved to a proper shop at 61, Jalan 20/7 Taman Paramount, very near to Seaview kopitiam.

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