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A decade or so ago, Thai food means tomyam, rice, and maybe a few other dishes and you’d have them for lunch and maybe dinner. Over the last few years, I’m glad that Thai cuisine scene in KL has matured quite a bit, and now you can find quite a few sub-categories. There’s the traditional Thai food, fusion (such as PLOY at Clearwater, Fa Ying), boat noodle, non halal options (Surisit, I’m Spicy, My Elephant), and even Thai street food.

Go Thai at PJ SS2
Go Thai at PJ SS2

Personally, I have always love Thai street food of the non halal variety, and for a long time, Lai Thai (now Farm Thai) of Seksyen 17 was always my favorite. The place has its flaws, it’s cramped, stuffy, rather pricey, and service has a lot left to be desired, but there was no other options I knew of.

Then Go Thai sprung up at PJ SS2, the same row as those durian stalls that are always packed with people with stinky breath, and they offered just what I love most – non-halal Thai street food.

stewed pork leg rice (khao kha moo)
stewed pork leg rice (khao kha moo)

The restaurant is tastefully done up yet rather unpretentious. The workers speak Thai to each other, and the menu consists of a dozen of so dishes written on white board.

Most importantly, they offer khao kha moo (stewed pork leg rice, RM 9). This dish definitely offers great value, at less than RM 10 with quite a big portion of pork leg, rice, half an egg, and a small portion of vegetable. It was pretty good too.

Thai ice tea, fried pork slices with egg, tomyam seafood
Thai ice tea, fried pork slices with egg, tomyam seafood

At Go Thai, there are actually very few dishes without pork.

Moo thod khatiam (deep fried pork slices in garlic sauce with egg, RM 9) had those pork slices that was perfectly marinated while not overly spicy.

Tomyam seafood (RM 12) packed with fish slices, prawns, squid, and even some mussels, the broth was thick, spicy, and should satisfy any tomyam lover. It is also the highest priced item on the menu.

red ruby, kway tiao Go Thai, minced pork with rice, kway tiao nam saired ruby, kway tiao Go Thai, minced pork with rice, kway tiao nam sai

If you prefer noodle, there’s kway tiao nam sai (clear broth, RM 7) or kway tiao Go Thai (spicy version, RM 7), both were delicious, though portion is a little small for KL standard, but you get to order other stuff on the side, like tub thim krab (red ruby, RM 6), a dessert that is best on a hot day after meal.

KY & Haze at Go Thai
KY & Haze at Go Thai

Skewers here are supposed to be very good too, and I think that’ll be on my order list the next time I go there. Haze likes the place, and so was mom and my brother when I brought them over during CNY.

There should be more of these type of restaurants everywhere.

map to Go Thai

Go Thai
187 Jalan SS2/24,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.116831, 101.622893
Hours: lunch and dinner, closed on Mondays

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  1. Have you tried E-san at Damansara Kim? More expensive but it’s pretty good

  2. Sounds like a great place! Would love to try tom yum, tab tim krob and kway tiao!

  3. KY, those are the type of Thai food I won’t find here in San Francisco Thai restaurants. They indeed look so good.

    • Vickie: yah, this type is just becoming popular in Malaysia very recently. Considering we’re neighbour to Thailand, it’s about time!

  4. CL (RealGunners)

    I think most of the well established Thai restaurants here are actually quite localized already in terms of flavors. It’s great to see Thai street food making good progress here. I’d love khao kha moo over the restaurant dishes most of the time! 😀

  5. immature 2.0

    ehhhh i thought khao kha mooooo is stewed beef?

  6. Uhh.. is it me or did you clean up this space? Looks frickin’ A!!!

    Mom keeps going on about this place. I guess we ought to go try.

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    • Christy: Nuffnang is a platform to let bloggers with decent amount of traffic to make some advertising revenue on thier sites, that’s the upside.

  8. thanks…1 more question 🙂 What company u review is under nuffnang?

    • Christy: there were quite a lot, you can look under the tag “lunch money” in this blog to find them.

  9. ok..thx a lot 😉

  10. wah wah wah….tub thim krab haven’t had it for long. Craving for it now. haha Great post.

  11. nice food thanks alot, thai food in ss2 is excellent.

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