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After discovering the red wine mee suah dish at Jalan Ipoh, I started asking around about this dish and got a recommendation from a friend Chris that I should check out Old Fuzhou Restaurant at Damansara Kim, so I did.

Update 19/2/2018: This place has since closed.

Old Fuzhou restaurant at Damansara Kim
Old Fuzhou restaurant at Damansara Kim

Old Fuzhou is located at the side of Super Tanker at Damansara Kim. A corner restaurant with less than a dozen marbled table and classic wooden chairs. It has a bit of the old school Chinese charm, but also equipped with air conditioning for your comfort. Pretty neat.

Menu isn’t very extensive, but you have a selection of noodle & rice dishes, with some dinner sets and ala carte as well.

red wine mee suah, one of my favorite dishes
red wine mee suah, one of my favorite foochow dishes

Of course, I went for the signature dish – red wine mee suah (RM 9.90). It is simple and unpretentious, with chunks of chicken, some ginger, black fungus, and of course, mee suah. I do like the soup base a bit more than the version at Sentul as it is thicker and more flavorful. For the price, it’s definitely a dish to recommend.

Haze & KY, red wine fried rice, soya bean curd
Haze & KY, red wine fried rice, soya bean curd

Haze tried the pretty unique red wine fried rice (similar price) which is probably a bit of an acquired taste. Similar ingredients but in the form of rice, you do get some green peas though. I gave it a try and thought it’s pretty delicious as well.

Most individual noodle dishes at Old Fuzhou are priced below RM 10, other htan mee suah, there’s loh mee, wantan mee, minced pork noodle, and even Hakka stew pork noodle. I’ll certainly be back to try some of their other stuff after I’m bored with red wine mee suah (which may not be so soon).

map to old fuzhou restaurant at Damansara Kim

Old Fuzhou Restaurant
81, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.134693, 101.629096
Tel03-7725 5527

Discuss : KY eats – Red Wine Mee Suah at Old Fuzhou Restaurant, Damansara Kim [Closed]

  1. KY, red wine in Chinese cooking it seem like this restaurant chef gone French in a good way.
    I will try it at home so far Coq Coc Vin is what I make but now some Chinese recipe and change it
    to add red wine in it.

  2. immature 2.0

    BUI – Blogging under the Influence

  3. Awesome! I’d pick that soya bean curd over other 2 dishes though 😛

  4. it’s an acquired taste.. I like it sometimes.. when it’s not TOO gingery! LOL 😛

  5. Hmmm…I would sure like to try this red wine mee sua.

  6. Come on over and try ours. This does not even look good. Never seen it done with rice, first time.

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