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I first got to know about red wine mee suah from having a bowl at Suan’s sister’s place, with her mom being the cook. I was intrigued by this simple yet unique dish. From then on, I was hooked… and didn’t know where I could find them outside of Foochow strongholds like Sibu & Sitiawan.

Chin Heng Restaurant, Off Jalan Ipoh
Chin Heng Restaurant, Off Jalan Ipoh

Then one day after one of my dental visit for invisalign check up at at Jalan Ipoh, I somehow ended up at Chin Heng kopitiam while looking for a quick lunch.

Looking at the big menu plastered on the wall, I found it! Red wine mee suah! I gotta have it, so I did.

Foo Chow style red wine mee suah
Foo Chow style red wine mee suah

The red wine mee suah (RM 9) here comes with plenty of ginger with stripes of mushroom and chunks of chicken. The soup isn’t as thick as I wanted, but according to the operator (2nd generation foochow from China) you can always ask to have less soup and they’ll prepare it to be thicker. It is a pretty good version nonetheless.

Restaurant Chin Heng also serves lamb chop, chicken chop, pork chop, and quite a variety of noodle/kuih teow. It is pretty popular with the office crowd nearby, but I think it is a place to check out even if you don’t work nearby.

Chin Heng restaurant, Sentul

Chin Heng kopitiam
Jalan Selvadurai, Sentul,
51200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.177289, 101.682162
Hours: Mon-Sat 7 am to 4 pm

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  1. Gotta say it does not look anything like ours here – the soup’s so cloudy and murky-looking…and bet ours would taste a lot nicer too. Wink! Wink!

  2. immature 2.0

    eh not red wannn…. i think this time uncle kena Tiok, keke… unless…. the auntie mistakenly gave u the “sauvignon blanc” mee suah version… KEKE

    • immature: hahaha this one slightly “diluted”, nvm got another version I’m posting soon!

      • immature 2.0

        ehhh uncle, a friend of mine saw “someone who looks like KY” leaving this kopi shop, riding his bike and was swerving all over the road, left and right, like mabuk rider, is that you uncle????? 😯

  3. My family likes the one at the corner of Presgrave in Penang! My Hockchew daddy totally approves it 😉 Order from the coffee shop owner himself. Should be available from late breakfast til late lunch 🙂

    Times Flavors Cafe 时代茶室 – Lebuh Presgrave –

  4. Im quite surprised that it was not red in color, not cheap though but i would not mind to try 😀

  5. I’ll ask me mom to make another round. The first time she did it for you guys, she ran out of the wine .. so it wasn’t as fragrant as we normally have it.

  6. You’re right…can’t find many red wine mee sua here!

  7. I thought red wine mee suah should be red in colour? 😕

  8. KY, red wine noodle soup sound and look so good. Pork chop with it with would be great.

  9. the broth looks creamy and delicious … though i gotta confess, i haven’t learned to appreciate chinese rice wine recipes … red, yellow, the strong fermented flavour is a bit too strange for me 🙂

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