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Char Kuih Teow is not often something you have as dinner, it’s not even something you really should have for supper. All those grease and high calorie ingredients isn’t something that’s particularly healthy, but some of us live to eat instead of eat to live, right?

char kuih teow stall at PJ Old Town, outside Soon Lee kopitiam
char kuih teow stall at PJ Old Town, outside Soon Lee kopitiam

So when Melissa told me she wanted CKT for dinner when she was acting as a post-lady for me the other night, I thought of this char kuih teow place at PJ Old Town that I’ve heard a lot about, but never visited before. As it turned out, that wasn’t such a bad idea at all.

This CKT stall is located right across Heng Kee bak kut teh and next to Soon Lee kopitiam. As with anywhere in Old Town, parking isn’t the easiest but manageable.

I managed the "normal" serving, while Melisa inhaled a big portion of CKT all by herself
I managed the “normal” serving, while Melissa inhaled a big portion of CKT all by herself

Anyway, let’s talk about the char kuih teow. The version here definitely had enough “wok hei” though as with typical Klang Valley version, the prawns aren’t exactly big. Cockles, bean sprouts, and Chinese sausage, and chives are the other ingredients used here. In all, a more than decent plate of char kuih teow for a few ringgit.

If you’ve got cravings for CKT at night, this is one place worth checking out.

Kueh Teow Soup at PJ old town

Soon Lee Kopitiam
Jalan Petaling 1/19
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.085591, 101.646495
Hours: dinner and supper

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Discuss : KY eats – Char Kuih Teow at PJ Old Town

  1. Looks good. Missing the kway teow there – ours not the same, not so nice…more on the coarse side. 🙁

  2. Night time akan CKT very fattening leh 😐

  3. big juicy flavourful cockles are more important than big juicy flavourful prawns (well, to me lah, heh) 😀

  4. KY, that dish look so filling . Must be a good deal on it. Lot of meat too. The closest to that dish is
    Cantonest Ho Fun dry fried with beef . Is it the same ?

    • Vickie: hor fun dry fried with beef is similar but they are not the same, this one uses seafood & chinese sausage instead of beef, the sauces are different as well, this one is more charred.

  5. Missing that stall here in SG…

  6. melissa garang n hungry…..

  7. Hello,

    Apparently this lady just started CKT(1year?), she took over from apparently the best CKT in OLDTOWN uncle (related?) Jalan Othman.

    Jalan Othman Uncle CKT was at the same spot for many years(20years?), however due to old age he now only works in the morning at Jalan Othman, this lady took over from him.

    If you wanna try the true representative of PJ OLD TOWN CKT, please go there in the morning or afternoon across the street on Jalan Othman.


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