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One of the toughest Penang hawker dishes to hunt down in Klang Valley has got to be char kuih kak. Outside of various pasar malam, there’s only one other stalls at Jalan Sayur that I am aware of, until I went to the hawker row right beside the Seapark wet market a few days ago.

char kuih kak at Seapark, next to the morning market
char kuih kak at Seapark, next to the morning market

For those who has never been to Seapark in the wee hours, there’s actually a row of hawker stalls on the same road where My Burger Lab is located. The stalls usually open by around 6am so if you’re looking for earlier breakfasts, this is definitely a place to check out.

char kuih kak as breakfast, glorious
char kuih kak as breakfast, glorious

The char kuih kak operator does not have any table nor even plates, the only option is “tapao”.

I ordered a pack of char kuih kak (RM 4) with eggs and took it to the office for breakfast. It wasn’t the best version I’ve tried, but definitely managed to satisfy the cravings for a bit.

If you’re a char kuih kak fan, this is one more place to check out.

map to seapark morning market hawker row

Char Kuih Kak
Jalan 21/22, Sea Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.110397, 101.621757
Hours: mornings


Transitions lens, works well in a movie theater too

Transitions lens, works well in a movie theater too

Went to the movies with my Transitions lenses glasses, great clarity under low light condition, basically no difference compared to a clear glass. The cool thing is if you walk out from the cinema and it happens to be afternoon, you won’t get hit by the glare like Thor’s Hammer.

Discuss : KY eats – Char Kuih Kak at Seapark Morning Hawker Row

  1. KY, how wonderful to grab a bite along the way to work. With me it donut or bagel in states. Coffee I have in the office.

  2. omigosh, i’m a fan of char kuih kak … back when i was in my early 20s and studying in penang, i used to happily eat plates and plates of it. wish this guy at seapark would open at night too (char kuih kak for supper sounds good) 🙂

    • Sean: this guy doesn’t open at night, only those pasar malam & jalan sayur. Anyway aren’t you still in your 20s? 😛

  3. RealGunners

    I think the closest thing to this that can be commonly found in KL is the chow lor bak gou in dimsum places? Although I’m sure most Penangites will be adamant that they are totally different 😆

  4. Love this a lot! Can’t get good ones here, just a sprinkling of stalls in town and they do not do it well. 🙁

  5. I need some of those transition lenses too!

  6. Yeah, I wear transition lenses too…and they’re great!

  7. yeah, this is one of my fav stalls! where else nearby is nicer than this??

  8. I luurrve this stuff! My husband is from Malacca, their version is without taugeh, darker, softer and more charred on the outside. I do like their version, very tasty indeed…… but for me it MUST have taugeh!

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