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I think it’s about time we talk about pork noodle again, one of my favorite KL hawker dishes of all time. In the session, we look at perhaps the most well-known Chinese hawker stall in all of Brickfield – Peter’s Pork Noodle at Money’s Corner.

Peter's Pork Noodle at Money's Corner
Peter’s Pork Noodle at Money’s Corner

Money’s Corner is actually a kopitiam tucked within a paid car park directly opposite Nu Sentral on Jalan Tun Sambanthan. The google map entry on Money’s Corner is incorrect (at the time of writing – 22/11/2014) so do use the address provided on this post.

The good thing is, parking is never an issue, though visibility from main road is not exactly the best.

glorious pork noodle, I love to add the poached egg
glorious pork noodle, I love to add the poached egg

Peter’s pork noodle has been in operation for many years at the same location with a steady stream of customers from early in the morning till late afternoon.

A bowl of pork noodle is still under RM 5 (without egg), and you get to choose from koay teow, yellow noodle, meehun, or mee suah. All the combinations are good, except I do think they tend to over cook the mee suah so I would not recommend that option.

Ingredients are minced pork, pork slices, and liver. The broth sweet and savory, and of course, those bits of lard adds to the overall taste that you just can’t beat. I just wish that they also serve intestine or maybe pork liver though.

what can be better than a bowl of pork noodle before work?
what can be better than a bowl of pork noodle before work?

If you’re looking for a bowl of good pork noodle, you will definitely get your money’s worth from Peter’s, not to mention that it is still one of the better pork noodle stalls out there.

Other pork noodle places to check out will be SS3’s Kian Fatt and Imbi’s Weng Heng Seng kopitiam.

map to Money's Corner at Brickfield

Money’s Corner
Jalan Tun Sambanthan
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.131352, 101.686575
Tel013-336 3953
Hours: breakfast till late lunch

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  1. RealGunners

    Still below RM5? Good! Maybe I’ll make another trip to downtown KL again soon 😀

  2. seriously the meat is damn little and the soup is bland…drop standard till it is not worthy of one of the better pork noodle stalls out there la…

    • dan: really? i thought the meat was plenty all these while I went there, maybe you had a bad batch.

  3. KY, very filling bowl of pork and noodle soup. I would like that for to eat before I head to work too.
    Now weather is cooler in San Francisco at 47 degree in morning. Planning ski trip with sister and bf and other people. The weather is great for it.

    • Vickie: that sounds like pleasant weather, I miss skiing. Back in Minnesota when I was there, 47 degree is shorts & t-shirt weather.

  4. The only thing i’m interested in could be the runny egg 😀

  5. looks super, and i didn’t realise can add poached egg (even better!). i wanna tambah telur and tambah the pork lard (sounds not so healthy hor) 🙂

  6. Pork noodles look good, add the egg…I’m sold! Yum! Yummmm!!!!

  7. I’ve heard of this Peter’s Pork Noodles but have yet to try…it looks good!

  8. have you tried ooi noodle house in subang SS15 previously from pomander? prefer him over peter…

  9. Peter’s pork noodles is delicious. I wonder if anyone knows where the pork noodle stall that used to operate behind Istana Hotel along Jln Nagasari has shifted to?

  10. They are now open from 7am to 10pm! Had my dinner there today 🙂 so satisfying!

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