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Horng and I were both from the same “11200” postcode back in Penang, an area that is called Tanjung Bunga (literally cape of flower). So it was a bit of a wonder why it took us so long to step into the Tanjung Bunga nyonya restaurant at SS2 despite having driven by the shop lots on multiple occasions over the years.

well, my very first address was under the Tg. Bungah postcode
well, my very first address was under the Tg. Bungah postcode

As a rule of thumb, if a restaurant has been there for ages and do very little in terms of decoration or renovation, chances are the food is usually at least decent.

In that sense, Tanjung Bunga Penang Nyonya Cuisine is one such places, the interior is rather basic but clean, with air conditioning system that sort of works.

curry fish head, asam prawn, perut ikan
curry fish head, asam prawn, perut ikan

Tanjung Bungah restaurant offers pretty much all the essential Penang  nyonya dishes. For the five of us, we ordered five different dishes for dinner. Serving time was actually pretty fast, with the first dish arriving some 10 minutes after ordering.

Curry fish head with garupa was rich, spicy, and true to Nyonya style, comes with a plenty of vegetable and even mint leaves. Fried asam prawn was prepared the way my mom would, which also reminds me of the version at Kah Soh – retaining the sweetness of tiger prawns while infusing the dish with just the right amount of dark soya sauce and asam.

Perut ikan, or pickled swim bladder curry, could be slightly richer and creamier, but a passable dish nonetheless.

inchi cabin and paku pakis
inchi cabin and paku pakis

Then there’s paku pakis, or the wild fern shoots, a vegetable dish to fill the vitamin C quota, and one with texture that I always love. The preparation method here is more “lemak” than spicy, which suits us just find as there was already curry on the table.

Proper penang style Nyonya food at SS2's Tanjung Bungah restaurant. My hometown shares the tanjung bungah post code 😙👌 #kyeats #nonhalal #nyonya #malaysianfood

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Our favorite dish turned out to be the inchi cabin, or the Nyonya fried chicken. The unique blend of spices and sauce used to marinate this version of fried chicken was just spot on, We wish we ordered more.

Dinner came to be about RM 15-20 per person, which is on par with other similar restaurants, would not hesitate to go back there again.

map to Tanjung Bungah Restaruant, SS2

Tanjung Bungah Nyonya Cuisine
117, Jalan SS 2/6, Ss 2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.116029, 101.616522
Tel: 03-7877 4531
Hours: lunch and dinner, closed on Thursdays

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  1. RealGunners

    Your kampung was sort of flooded on Friday night due to heavy rain though, I was stuck there for hours 😐
    Well, the dishes do look sort of “Penang” if you know what I mean 😉

    • RealGunners: haha, luckily my particular area is quite high up on the hill so I’m sure mom’s fine. 😀

  2. SS2 eh? Gotta check this out if I hop over. I love nyonya…very very much.

  3. KY, never had curry fish head before but in Taiwan I had steam braised one and taste very good.
    I like the eyes of the fish do you also?

  4. I don’t know but have you came across paku pakis-sorta dish in Pg? I haven’t seen one before though…

  5. if people mess with spices, then its WWIII

  6. I believe fried chicken always crowd’s favourite and those in in photo looks delicious nonetheless!

  7. I spent my childhood in penang near tanjung bungah area, then my teens in ss2. Got to check out this place when I’m back in Malaysia, my mom lives only a couple of streets away!

  8. Wild fern shoots – I do love these!

  9. My experience was rather shocking. My visit to this restaurant on 22nd February 2015 with my family didn’t really gave us what we went for. The curry Kepala ikan served was not the Nyonya style as claimed. The kepala was just half with not even a bit of decent potion of flesh attached to it or included in that dish. For RM50 per clay pot of curry full of vegetables with nothing to dig in was truly disappointing.

    To ensure that my family get to have decent dinner, I had to order some prawn dish, fried chicken and some sweet potato leaf.

    The Perut dish is basically nothing, it was just an add on to your bill whic was totalling RM189.50

    I’m confident customers will be regulars if only decent potions of fish is added according to the price the customer pay.

    In my case, I will never go back to that place again.

    • Ms Ray: never had their curry fish head but your experience sounds horrible. I think it may have something to do with it being CNY season and they tried to make a few bucks? In either case that’s not a good practise.

  10. Fried vegetable 🥒 contain worm 🐛 ..informed the lady at cashier n she gave me discount RM5

    Is that mean each time customer dine in n found weird stuff in meal and you provide discount RM5 ..bravo

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