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Over the weekends we went to Singapore for a super short trip as Haze & Angel wanted to visit an art exhibit and a Singaporean friend. We drove down on Friday night and naturally waking up hungry the next day looking for wholesome breakfast to start the day.

Our Singaporean guide traversed half the country and brought us to Canopy Garden Dining at Ang Mo Kio, promising a place with pretty good egg benedict. We weren’t at a position to suggest anything else, so we rolled along.

Canopy Garden Dining at Ang Mo Kio
Canopy Garden Dining at Ang Mo Kio

Canopy Garden Dining is pretty much a restaurant within a garden, with plants surrounding the mostly alfresco dining area and even a rooftop that’s planted with greenery.

We reached at almost noon with the hot sun up above, so seated outside was a little warm though acceptable. I’m guessing the dining experience would have been greater in the morning.

Egg Royale, with poached eggs and smoked salmon
Egg Royale, with poached eggs and smoked salmon

We came here for the egg benedicts, so we ordered both the Egg Royale and Classic Egg Benedict ($15).

Unlike most places that takes forever to prepare a pair of proper poached eggs, our serving arrived in about 5 minutes. I was really impressed with the speed.

Both dishes came with a side of salad with vinaigrette and sautéed mushroom. The poached eggs were perfectly prepared and draped with hollandaise sauce on English muffins. The classic version came with ham, while “royale” with smoked salmon. We really liked them.

Classic Egg Benedict and Buttermilk Pancake
Classic Egg Benedict and Buttermilk Pancake

If you’re into pancakes, the buttermilk pancake ($8.5) here is worth trying as well, it comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and maple syrup.

Additionally, coffee served at Canopy Garden Dining is also of pretty decent quality.

In all, it’s a rather pleasant place for a lazy weekend breakfast in this otherwise overly fast paced country.

map to Canopy Garden Dining at Ang Mo Kio

Canopy Garden Dining
Bishan Park II,
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
569931 Singapore
GPS: 1.362467, 103.847094
Tel+65 6556 1533

Discuss : KY eats – awesome egg benedict at Canopy Garden Dining, Singapore

  1. wow wow, ang mo kio! not too far from my aunt’s house! Thanks for sharing! But got mosquitoes anot?

  2. KY, glad you enjoyed the Bennie (called in North America). When I have it sometime with smoked salmon or ham or turkey. I made me a Couque Madame for my breakfast on weekend.

    • Vickie: you’re quite a cook, next time put in all, don’t just choose salmon or ham or turkey, all! hahah.

  3. walau uncle, all the way to Singapore and have some fancy egg only? Ask local Sifu Seetoh for some real food, kekekekeke

  4. the setting looks nice, it looks almost like a little cafe in a kawasan pedalaman … can almost imagine a cute little monkey or squirrel jumping in and trying to steal your eggs benedict! 😀

  5. With reasonably nutritious, some people appetites!

  6. the ice cream on pan cake looks amazing… 😯

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