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A couple weeks ago I was invited to yet another event hosted by Glenlivet at Truefitt & Hill, the oldest barbershop in the world. The event unveiled the Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter, and we got ourselves a proper hair cut as well.

Trufitt and Hill at Starhill Gallery
Truefitt and Hill at Starhill Gallery

The Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter is a whisky voted by thousands of whisky lovers across 37 different countries from the three expressions hand picked by Master Distiller Alan Winchester. The Exotic edged out Classic and Revival to be among The Glenlivet’s limited edition single malt releases.

unveiling the Glenlivet Guardians' Chapter in Malaysia
unveiling the Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter in Malaysia

The whisky has an aromas rich with marmalade and fruitcake, while the palate tantalises with dark chocolate, hints of zesty orange and finishes long and slightly dry. I find it pretty easy to drink, not being overly dry or having an overly strong finish.

some tasty canapes to go with the single malt whisky

some tasty canapes to go with the single malt whisky

To get your hands on a bottle of the Guardians’ Chapter, you have to be either a Glenlivet Guardian, or purchase one at selected travel retails (ie: airports) at RM 398 per bottle.

We sampled the Guardians’ Chapter with some canapes while waiting for our turn for what turned out to be a pretty interesting experience – a Royal Haircut at Truefitt and Hill.

getting my Royal Haircut experience at Trufitt and Hill
getting my Royal Haircut experience at Truefitt and Hill

Truefitt and Hill is recognised by The Guinness World Record as the oldest barber in the world with the history tracing back in fashionable Mayfair in 1805. They have four branches in Malaysia, and also perhaps the only barber chain that offer services only to men.

the boys with our new haircut
the boys with our new haircut

The experience was the most unique I had in a saloon/barber shop. The entire process for the Royal Haircut (RM 95) took some 30-45 minutes. Through the whole thing I never needed to get off my chair, and left with not a single strand of hair on my shirt either.

I quite like my new haircut that was styled in accordance to the occasion, what say you? 😀

Discuss : Glenlivet Guardian’s Chapter and haircut at Truefitt & Hill

  1. KY, look like you getting ready for a wedding with that new hair do. My sister strange want a gothic wedding since she into goth rock . I have two sisters and people use to called us the YoYo Sisters due funny things we do.

    • Vickie: hahaha, that’s a compliment I think? And sounds like you and your sisters had a fun time growing up.

  2. David looks sad. is his glass empty?

  3. Win liao lor, banyak atas punya haircut haha 😀

  4. last time i got a haircut from a 60 year old lady in Cheras, she massage my head, then my body 🙁

  5. u guys look like u were cut from the same mold. wait a minute.. same place right… no wonder laaaa 😛

  6. Pweeetttt!!! Pweeeeeetttt!!! Great looking hair!

  7. What a nice photo of you at the end KY. I’m glad it was just you and not the hairdressers tasting the whiskey or you might not have turned out so handsome otherwise. 😉

  8. Good looking there, KY! 🙂

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