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We traveled to Macau in late July 2014 for a three day two night of sightseeing and food spotting trip, and I’m happy to report that when it comes to food, this former Portuguese colony surely did not disappoint.

Should you find yourself at Macau, here are some of the places you may want to check out. This is the entry where I cover snacks and cheap eats, there will be another talking about the few restaurants that we tried during the trip.

we arrived at Macau on the evening, beautiful cityscape
we arrived at Macau on the evening, beautiful cityscape

As for weather, Macau isn’t different from Malaysia at this time of the year (July), temperature and humidity are pretty much the same, so light clothing and perhaps an umbrella if you’re afraid of the heat is advised.

The city is one that never sleeps, and I got the impression that it was very safe to walk around at any time of day. Public transportation by bus is very good, so keep plenty of coins and small change available as change is not provided on the buses.

HK dollars as well as Macanese Pataca or MOP are accepted pretty much everywhere, including the buses. At the time of travel, 1 MOP = 0.40 MYR.

Pro tip: there are many free hotel shuttle buses going to and from the airport, you can utilize them even if you don’t stay at the same hotel.

road side stall with chee cheong fun and dimsum in the city
road side stall with chee cheong fun and dimsum in the city

The first thing we tried at Macau was this little road side stall situated  opposite Centro Commercial Central.

We tried the chee cheong fun with siu mai which was priced at $30 MOP. The sauce was lighter than the one usually served in Malaysia, and the chili sauce has a stronger taste of vinegar to it. We found it pretty delicious and fitting as a pre-dinner snack or post-dinner supper.

Address: outside 48 Avenida do Infante D. Henrique
GPS22.191888, 113.541432

the famous Portuguese egg tart at Margaret's Cafe e Nata
the famous Portuguese egg tart at Margaret’s Cafe e Nata

When in Macau, one of the snacks that you must not miss is the famous Portuguese egg tart at Margaret’s Cafe e Nata.

The egg tarts are $8 MOP each and was really as good as everyone claimed. The pastry soft yet crunchy, and the filling smooth and super flavorful with the aroma of milk and egg at their best. We only had 2 each but we really should have brought more. It was very delicious!

There’s always a queue at the shop, but you wouldn’t have to wait for more than a few minutes before being served.

Address: Margaret’s Cafe e Nata, Rua do Comandante Mata e Oliveira, Macau
GPS22.191993, 113.542178

fried fish paste, pork bun, and beef tendon noodle at Sang Lei, next to Margaret's
fried fish paste, pork bun, and beef tendon noodle at Sang Lei, next to Margaret’s

Right next door to the egg tart place is Sang Lei, a shop that perhaps thrive thanks to Margaret’s being constantly filled to the brim. We tried fried fish paste ($19 MOP), pork bun ($22 MOP), and beef tendon noodle soup ($22 MOP) there.

The food actually turned out pretty decent. The fish paste is pretty similar to those we get in Malaysia but tasted fresher, the beef tendon noodle was simple but if you’re a fan of tendon, you’d be delighted. The pork bun though, did not impress.

Address: Sang Lei, Rua do Comandante Mata e Oliveira, Macau
GPS22.191954, 113.542136

cheap roast goose "fan hap" at Sek Kei, Rua Dois do Bairro lao Hon
cheap roast goose “fan hap” at Sek Kei, Rua Dois do Bairro lao Hon

While trying to go to Taipa island by bus on the second day, we accidentally took the bus heading to the wrong direction and ended up at this little strip of shops at Rua Dois do Bairro lao Hon, which is located near the border between Macau and China up north.

Since I was hungry, we stopped by Sek Kei for a roast goose rice that was served in a styrofoam box commonly for those who wants it to go. Lucky for us Sek Kei actually has ONE table in their shop that I could eat. It turned out to be rather good and only cost us $27 MOP for the meal!

If you want a bargain, you can’t top this.

Address: Sek Kei, Rua Dois do Bairro lao Hon, Macau
GPS22.212118, 113.550351

Yee Shun steamed milk, a must try!
Yee Shun steamed milk, a must try!

As for dessert in Macau, Yee Shun steamed milk is the one place that shouldn’t be missed.

The steamed milk custard ($28 MOP) has the consistency of our familiar “tau fu fa” but with that creamy aroma of fresh milk that made it so irresistible. We also tried their warm milk ($22 MOP) and papaya milk ($30 MOP) which did not disappoint either. The same place also serves sandwiches, eggs, and even pork bun.

Even as a person who’s slightly lactose intolerant, I now want to know how to make this at home!

Address: Yee Shun milk company, 60 Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
GPS22.192741, 113.540461

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  1. KY, how wonderful you and Haze in Macau. Hope you caught a show while there and have fun in the casinos. The Vegas of Asia. I like when in Hong Kong is Cafe De Coral for diner type food. Dim Sun food stalls are great for fast fix on dim sum instead of waiting for table inside restuaurants.

    • Vickie: didn’t manage to catch any show but the various hotels were beautiful! Pretty good food there too.

  2. realgunners

    Chee cheong fun and siew mai, that’s a very potent combi! Excellent!

  3. Yes, i actually like macau more than HK. Relatively quieter and the foods are relatively cheaper too (maybe due to currency). I could not find the portuguese tarts you had during my visit, so i just settled with the one near st. paul ruins, it was very good already, at least to me. 😆

  4. immature

    keke, fan hap and cheong fun siumai same price i choose goose any day, keke

  5. The Portuguese tart is a must eat. 😉

  6. Constance Ant

    oh i LOVE the Portuguese tart! so yum! especially when it’s fresh out from oven!

    i tried the steamed milk custard too! it’s like taufufa made of milk lol.

    i actually prefer HK than Macau. maybe i didn’t stayed long enough to explore around. oh well, next time!

  7. Who’s that…with the pink suitcase? Sure can’t miss it anywhere, nice colour! 😀

  8. Wonder if the steamed milk might become the next Pearl Tea…

  9. joyceanne

    everytime I go Macau, for sure I queue for Margeret’s tarts too but haven’t try the fish paste next to their shop.
    I want the steam milk! Been craving for that everday 😕
    And roasted goose make me so hungry now!

  10. Stephen Lee

    Can you recomend me any cheap hotel (3 stars or below) convenient to the eating place you recomend. Thank you

    • Stephen Lee: I’m not familiar with the hotels there but or should be of great help.

  11. Hello! Do malaysian need visa to macau? If I’m going for a family trip of 6 for five days? 🙂

  12. Deals Online

    Awesome this is Wonderful dishes.. Yummy colorful Thanks..

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