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What’s better in a cold breezy night than a bowl of piping hot Chinese tongsui (soupy dessert)?

Well, steamboat perhaps, but I suppose it’s not a great idea to sabotage my own introduction to today’s topic – the tongsui stall at Hong Kee, located at Seksyen 17’s wai sek kai.

Hong Kee tongsui at Seksyen 17
Hong Kee tongsui at Seksyen 17

Hong Kee tongsui has been in operation since eons ago, the stall is situated at Seksyen 17 outdoor wet market area and opens for business from about 6pm or so till late.

The stall offers over a dozen hot tongsui and a selection of cold tongsui as well. Bubur chacha, red bean soup, green bean soup, peanut soup, you name it, they usually have it.

To order, you simply pick up an empty bowl and go about self-service style. I actually like it that way since we get to pick more of certain types of ingredients to our liking.

a selection of piping hot and cold desserts
a selection of piping hot and cold tongsui

Most tongsui are priced at around RM 2 per bowl, with few exceptions. If you’re up for a bowl of delicious no-frill tongsui, here’s definitely a place worth checking out.

direction to PJ Seksyen 17 wai sek kai

Hong Kee
Jalan 17/27
Seksyen 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.129267, 101.634601

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  1. Lovely, that’s pretty cheap at Rm 2 😀

  2. Peanut soup, I’d go for the thick milky one.

  3. Can take ourselves? I think greedy ppl will scoop more ingredients than the soup 😛 😈

  4. You can mix the tongshui too! I like black glutinuous rice mix mak chuk (wheat?) !

  5. it looks like it’s gonna be a cold breezy night tonight … time for tong sui! 😀

  6. Miriam Goh

    OMG! KY you making me crave for Tong sui now la…

  7. KY, did anyone grab it to go in cup with a spoon? With me I would take it home and blend it fine and drink it with a straw. Hey Hong Kee Tongsui smoothies wow. Just dreaming since I am still in San Francisco.

    • Vickie: I guess you can do that! Making peanut soup is pretty easy though if you have a pressure cooker.

  8. What is that peanut tong shui? Looks good!

  9. immature

    i dont see the ang moh owner anywhere, why is it called Hong Key? kekekeke lol

  10. wat is their operating hours?

  11. Alvin Looi

    The place got some construction happening now. Any idea if they are still there?

  12. Any idea where are they now? it’s no longer there… not even the opposite stalls at night

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