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Whenever everyone mentioned Penang, char kuih teow is surely one of the topics of conversation, and inevitably the issue of where about to have the best char kuih teow will come up.

The answer varies depending on who you asks. Many will mention the two Lorong Selamat hawkers, some will mention Ah Leng CKT, while others will point to Siam Road char kuih teow, our topic of the day.

the stall is located at the corner of Siam Road
the stall is located at the corner of Siam Road 

The char kuih teow stall is located at Siam Road by the intersection of Anson Road, just right opposite Hock Ban Hin kopitiam where you can consume your precious plate of char kuih teow.

The old uncle has been in this trade for decades, and business seems to be ever more popular. Wait time can be quite brutal if you are there on a Saturday afternoon (we waited for almost an hour), so don’t go there when you’re starving.

glorious char kuih teow that packs a punch
glorious char kuih teow that packs a punch

The char kuih teow (RM 5.50) here is rather old school, it’s plenty oily but with good “wok hei”. The prawns are of decent size but not of the giant “gourmet” variety found at Lorong Selamat, and there’s lap cheong (Chinese sausage), cockles, chives, bean sprouts, kuih teow, and more importantly, chunks of fried lard as well.

chunks of fried pork lard can be found in this dish
chunks of fried pork lard can be found in this dish

I also find the char kuih teow here a bit more spicy than other places, but well within most Penangite’s tolerance level (seeing that we love our curry mee, prawn mee etc).

If you’re a char kuih teow lover, this is one of the places that you’ll have to try at least once.

direction to siam road char kuih teow

Siam Road char kuih teow
Jalan Siam,
10400 Penang
GPS: 5.415456, 100.320352
Hours3pm-11pm, closed on Mondays

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  1. Have to admit.. Penang makes the best CKT!!! really… dayum!!

  2. One hour wait is ridiculous.

    Food, if you wait long enough, anything edible is good.
    Watch any survival movies or people dying from starvation.

    It is a conspiracy.

    Half an hours is my limit.
    If I have to wait longer than that, I just walk off.
    They have to improve on their efficiency.

    • PPKia: I agree half an hour is the limit, hence I will only go there next in less peak time.

    • immature

      CCB, only one old uncle working, wat u expect!?!?!?
      if don wan to wait, go eat in nearby kopitiam lah, CCB
      first world problems …

  3. Margaret

    My friend told me he was waiting patiently for his CKT. Then he noticed Apek jumped queue by serving his regular customers first who came later than him. That’s not fair if someone has to wait for an hour n this happened.

  4. All you lucky people….here can’t even dream of getting CKT!

  5. KY, once in a while is not bad for the trans fats is the reason. But I know it must taste very good for it.

  6. How funny it is that being a Penangite, I’ve yet to try this although hearing so many good review of it! HAHA. Pathetic. I feel myself is so outdated and seriously must try out when I get back to Penang! During the recent holiday, there’s even a long queue under the afternoon sun for it! Crazy.

  7. Never tried this one. Long queues, Nick said? No, thank you then. Had other pretty good ones at other places there too.

  8. This one no duck egg?

  9. KY, when you have a food entry, you tell a story like bloggers see it like being there with you.
    I like it for details you showed in photos. I always felt I in already in Malaysia seeing your entries. Will be soon with my new husband.

  10. I absolutely love it …

  11. Ahhh… this place, a very good place to kill time LOL

  12. Okay then, it’s on my list for the next visit. 😉

  13. Being a Penangite, I didn’t give it a go until recently. But have to give it only a 2 out of 5. Too generous in the use of pork oil. 🙄 Made me full the whole night.

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