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Kuih Teow Soup is one of my favorite hawker dishes whenever I’m in Penang.

That clear soup with home-made fish ball and duck meat is something that you can hardly find in Klang Valley (outside of Penang One), a land where pork noodle rules instead of kuih teow soup, or kuih teow th’ng as we liked to call it in Penang.

old school kuih teow soup, starts at only RM 3
old school kuih teow soup, starts at only RM 3

In the morning, there’s Ah Hai at Kim Lee kopitiamΒ or Restaurant 113;Β for afternoon, try Pitt Street kuih teow soup at Lebuh Carnavon, but if you’re looking for a good bowl of kuih teow soup at night, Chulia Street is one of the places to check out.

the fish balls were very good, and duck skin, yums!
the fish balls were very good, and pork skin, yums!

This is one of those old school stalls that fortunately, still has the pricing structure of yesteryear. A bowl of kuih teow soup starts from RM 3, and comes with the essential home made fish ball, duck meat, and most importantly, duck skin as well.

The soup is subtle but carry the unmistakeable aroma from boiling duck carcass, the fish ball had a perfect texture and taste, the kuih teow soft but does not break apart, it was an exercise of balance with everything complementing each other.

By the way, you can ask for extra ingredients too. In this case, my choice was some sinful pork skin, oh I miss it.

map to Chulia Street, Penang

Kuih Teow Soup
(outside Kedai Ubat Yoong Chee Tong)
Chulia Street, 10200 Penang
GPS: 5.416295, 100.338670
Hours: dinner and supper

Discuss : KY eats – Kuih Teow Soup at Chulia Street, Penang

  1. looks good … can we ask for chicken skin too, since it already has pork skin and duck soup? call it a skinny soup πŸ˜€

  2. Oh haven’t tried this stall before, i think the wanton mee nearby is very famous but i have yet to try it out as well 😳

    • Ken: I usually have my wantan mee in KL instead, Penang does have some decent ones but the bests are still in KL I believe πŸ˜€

  3. RM 3 …..Hard to find any RM 3 meal nowadays.

    • sycookies: definitely not around KL lo, here RM 4 already considered very cheap.

  4. KY, old school dishes are the best. Just like in San Francisco Chinatown the old restaurants with new owners make more Hong Kong style food not the same.
    I been searching for San See Fan or Curry San See Fan so far no way anymore.

  5. It’s such a bargain to eat street food in Penang. No need to go hungry ever!

  6. Anything in clear soup, I like!

  7. reading your post makes me miss penang. will try this place out when i am there now. quality of food in penang has certainly dropped compared to when i was there many years back

    • kristen: i feel that most of the “quality drop” issues have to do with the fact where our taste buds were more sensitive when young, and that nostalgia always win over reality. Also we’ve probably expanded our food horizon over the years.

  8. Dude, this is where I check in for dinner when stepped into Penang Island since last weekend.

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