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I’ve been slacking on the updates on my invisalign journey. It’s been a little over a year since the last update, and it wasn’t until a reader emailed me about my progress that I realised it is about time to provide a progress report. So thank you for the email, Pinky Tan.

late november 2012, 3rd set of invisalign
late november 2012, 3rd set of invisalign

Over the course of last year, I’ve been visiting MyDentist pretty regularly to get my new invisalign aligners.

The change of aligners is usually done every two weeks, with the appointment lasts not more than half an hour, so I usually get it done over lunch time. If you’re unable to make the next appointment, extra set of aligners can be requested so that your next appointment is in 4 weeks’ time.

As always, the aligners will feel a bit tight in the first couple days, follow by some 10-12 days of not even realising it is there.

As a bonus, since I have to remove the aligners every time I eat, snacking is almost nonexistence, which probably contributed to me losing a couple KGs.

december 2013, after gum contouring procedure & 26 sets of invisalign
december 2013, after gum contouring procedure & 26 sets of invisalign

At my 26th set, which was about half way through my rather complicated program (some people only need 20+ sets in total), my dentists decided to do a total do-over since my top aligners weren’t engaged perfectly, so a new set of moulds were taken and I’m currently waiting for new aligners. They are perfectionists like that at Mydentist.

One of the more interesting procedures that was done on me was the gum contouring process that addressed my gummy smile problem.

The procedure basically removed a few millimetres of my gum to show more “white vs pink” ratio, resulting in a better smile. While this sounds painful, it was actually pretty mild. The whole process, including anaesthetic (local and general) and the actual surgery itself took a little over an hour, and then I was sent home for rest.

There a bit of pain and discomfort for the next 3 days or so, and the gum was completely healed in 2 week+.

So  ya, I now technically had plastic surgery, and couldn’t be happier with the result!

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  1. Looking good KY, losing a couple of Kgs sounds like a good deal for me 😀

  2. Look at that beautiful smile!

  3. how i wish i can afford this… T.T

  4. KY, great dental job. Now many place offer in states dental implate in only a day unlike several weeks. My sister had a one tooth implant in a day and turn out great for her. Cost is reasonable.

    • Vickie: I think dental work is generally pretty expensive in the States though. Yah, dental implant is usually done in a day, gum contouring takes a bit of time to get fully healed tho 😀

  5. Hello, I would like to ask around how much it cost for the invisalign ? I’m pretty interested.. Thx ya… And your looking good after the treatment 🙂

    • Nicole: It really depends on each individual’s case so best consult the dentist and get a quote.

      • I believe it’s about RM15,000 in Malaysia, but for very mild case you can get it at about RM12,000.

  6. Need to remove any teeth for Invisalign? Or depends?

  7. Nastasshea

    Do you have to pay RM12,000 – 15,000 one time or in installment?

  8. Hi KY. I read about invisalign n its pros n cons. May i know if
    1. u encountered any cAvities; and
    2. How did u manage to wear it wif all the food bloggi g…


    • yiwei: I don’t have any new cavity since the treatment, wearing it become second nature really, you just take it out when you eat and clean it after. Takes a couple weeks to get used to but once you do it’s simple.

  9. Victoria

    Hi KY, I am comparing price for certified Invisalign provider, after visiting Chai Dental at Wisma UOA. How do you find MyDentist’service and price? Did you compare with others before? Appreciate your thoughts as cost is a concern. Thanks!

    • Victoria: I’ve not tried asking others, MyDentist may not be “cheap” but the service was certainly top notch. No harm getting a quote from them.

  10. Hi, how much is the cost for gum contouring in Malaysia?

    • Maica: That was a while ago I think it’s best you consult with dentists like MyDentist directly.

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