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Christmas comes early this year for many of us, with Kilkenny hosting a Christmas Comedy Night. An awesome time filled with laughters, good food, and plenty of Kilkenny  Irish Ale.

Kilkenny Xmas Comedy at 42 EAST
Kilkenny Xmas Comedy at 42 EAST

The event was held at the premier Kilkenny outlet – 42 EAST at TTDI (also a place where we celebrated FA’s birthday several months ago).

There was Christmas trees with Kilkenny ornaments, holiday themed candle holders, and plenty of Santarinas handing out Kilkenny draughts.

Jason Leong rocking the crowd
Jason Leong rocking the crowd

Jason Leong, the 2-face doctor/comedian, Phoon Chi Ho, and Kavin Jay are all no strangers to the local stand up comedy scenes. They were the stars of the night, spreading cheers and laughters. The crowds were throughly entertained for sure.

Kilkenny master class
Kilkenny masterclass

Kilkenny also has a small set up at the side of the bar for those who wants to get a masterclass experience, a smaller version of what we had over the Kilkenny Appreciation Night a few months ago.

Here we learn the Kilkenny heritage that dates back to 14th century, and how the distinctive and different taste of Kilkenny is released by having the ale served at around 4-6 Celsius instead of  0-4 Celsius.

had a great time with plenty of friends
had a great time with plenty of friends

Of course, when you have plenty of friends at the event like I did, it made everything that much better. There were also some good food being served as well, including roast pork, pigs in blanket, and one of the crowd favorites – Kilkenny jelly and cream that comes in a small Kilkenny glass and looked exactly like a glass of ale!

we had some pictures taken at the photo booth too
we had some pictures taken at the photo booth too

Overall it was a blast of a night, just a perfect way to start the holiday season.

Check out for more on Kilkenny!

Discuss : Fun Night at 42 EAST with Kilkenny Christmas Comedy

  1. it was fun! let’s do it again 😀

  2. It is always fun to have friends around! 🙂

  3. Some good laughs with Kilkenny!

  4. great event. too bad i wasn’t able to attend. 🙁 Happy new year to you and Haze!!

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