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My latest adventure into instant noodle brought me to the new offerings from Mamee Chef, with three flavors of instant noodle that promises higher quality noodle that’s dried and compressed from higher quality ingredients.

There are three different flavors to choose from – Thai Tom Yam, Spicy Chicken Shiitake, and Curry Laksa.

For brunch over the weekends, I tried the Thai Tom Yam flavor.

Mamee Chef comes in 3 different flavors
Mamee Chef comes in 3 different flavors

Instant noodle is often synonymous with quick eating with very little flair, but that doesn’t mean it must necessarily be the case. When having a few extra minutes, I like to spice it up and upgrade my instant noodle.

First, lets look at the Mamee Chef Thai Tom Yam instant noodle, it comes with three small packets of seasonings – tomyam paste, the seasoning powder, and dehydrated shrimps + vegetable. The noodle itself is packed in a round shape, which is super convenient when it comes to fitting inside the pot (who started making them in squares anyway?)

now lets upgrade this Mamee Chef perisa Thai tomyam
now lets upgrade this Mamee Chef perisa Thai tomyam

I like the fact that there’s already seafood that comes in the packet, but since I had some time on hand, I decided to upgrade my Mamee Chef Tom Yam to give it an even bigger kick.


  • Mamee Chef Thai Tom Yam
  • lime
  • laksa leave
  • shrimps
  • lala
  • kantan flower

the result looks pretty good kan?
the result looks pretty good kan?

Cooking Instructions:

  • boil 400 ml water
  • add noodle
  • add seafood (peel prawns but leave the head and tail)
  • add seasoning
  • let boil for 3 minutes
  • add laksa leave
  • sprinkle the chopped kantan flower
  • optionally, squeeze half a lime

super upgraded instant noodle, om nom nom
super upgraded instant noodle, om nom nom

The result is a brunch fitting for the weekends. I find that the noodle really does rather good, with a good “springy” feel to it. Seasoning wise it isn’t overly strong, but has the essential tomyam flavor to it. Will try the other two Mamee Chef flavors soon!

Discuss : KY cooks – Mamee Chef Jom Upgrade

  1. Oh nice! My aunt told me this series turns out to be on par, if not slightly better than My Kuali curry mee, not sure how true it is as i haven’t found a chance to try yet 😳

  2. KY, wonder if I able to find it in the Asian groceries store here? I will check around and have seen Korean type noodles mixs . Will check recipes on google too.

    • Vickie: there’s a chance! I used to buy instant noodles at Asian grocers when I was in the states 😀

  3. This is more than upgrade..LOL. Mine is so vegetarian-ish…

  4. sounds very promising! kinda like mamee al dente? i’ll have curry laksa flavor … wish it would come with kerang inside 😀

  5. Tried the curry laksa flavour and it tastes exactly like the one we tapau from the curry mee stall!!

  6. You certainly give push instant noodles a cut above the usual!

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