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Whenever we wanted a bowl of good fish head noodle, Woo Pin at Taman Desa usually comes to mind. The place undoubtedly serves very good and reasonably priced fish head noodle, it is far from where we stay (PJ), has lousy parking situation, and is often packed to the brim on weekends.

Last weekends, I finally tried the Kaki Bola Dua fish head noodle at Taman Paramount which is much closer to home.

Kaki Bola XO Fish Head Meehun, PJ
Kaki Bola Dua XO Fish Head Meehun, PJ Taman Paramount

The restaurant is situated just a stone’s throw away from the famed restaurant O&S. Parking isn’t hard to come by, and there’s air conditioning. All positive signs so far.

There are three types of soup to choose from – XO, shiong tong, and tomyam flavor. Of those choices of soup, you can then pick deep fried fish head, fresh fish head, fish paste, fish filet, and so forth.

three different flavors of soup to choose from
three different flavors of soup to choose from

The fish of choice here is the traditional “soong” fish. I picked deep fried fish head and specifically asked for the meaty part (which apparently you can if you’re not a huge fan of excess fish bone) with the classic XO soup with milk (RM 8.30), appropriately listed as the first pick on the menu.

I asked for more "meaty" part of the fish head, delicious
I asked for more “meaty” part of the fish head, delicious

The fish head noodle came in less than 15 minutes or so despite a heavy crowd, and it well worth it. The fish crispy and fresh, the soup rather flavorful, and most importantly, the home made chili sauce accompanying the noodle has quite a bite as well.

For those looking for a bowl of good fish head noodle in around PJ, this would be a good option. I have a feeling I’ll be back to try out their other flavors.

Kaki Bola fish head noodle
No. 23, Jalan 20/14,
Paramount Garden,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
GPS: 3.107316, 101.625090
Hours: daily 7.30am – 4pm, 6pm – 9pm

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  1. Ahh I miss fish head noodles! Used to frequent the Woo Pin restaurant last time.. this one looks good too! I would request for the meaty part too… Lazy to eat bones! 😛

    • iamthewitch: ya this one you can have the version with milk too, and woo pin is now actually at my office food court as well! 😀

  2. I like KL’s version of adding evaporated milk which makes the broth smoother. The fish looks good and Rm 8.30 sounds like a good deal for me!

    • Ken: yea, evaporated milk is nice kan? I sometimes go without those as my stomach isn’t the strongest when it comes to lactose tolerance.

  3. You need to check out this kopitiam behind Tmn Mega Mendung, Jalan Lazat….fish head is da bombs to your bombs….also pork nooder so good…soo soo good…

    • KKC: ah, that’s at OUG right?

      • yeah meinnnnnn……..he uses some kind of grouper for his fish….so no muddy taste…demnnnnn hungry…ok going there for lunch…also opposite the kopitiam got flied curlers and ham chin peng which is super naise……

  4. So delicious.Dying to eat fish head noodles.Yummmm!!! 😛

  5. This version looks very milky.

  6. are those pork free ?

  7. Zzz don’t state that it’s open daily if it closes on Mondays

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