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Sometimes a taste comes up that is so unique and different you just can’t describe it.

When asked “What does it exactly taste like?”, there’s a need to incorporate action as much as words to convey precisely what this strange chemical interactions between the food, spices, and your saliva in your tongue and your palate brings about. A sensation unlike other you have experienced.

And this is what KFC Crazy Crunch is all about, here’s Ruben’s take on the new taste:

I .. don’t know what to think of that. I guess it’s .. indescribable.

Here’s a response made by Shaheizy Sam on FB:

So I guess there’s only one way to find out!

Discuss : How Do You Describe the KFC Crazy Crunch?

  1. KFC… I could think of some adjectives that are not so nice, but I won’t share on this lovely blog. 😉

  2. KFC crazy crunch, is this juicy, mouth watering, crunchy, scrumptious, YUMMY chicken. It puts FLAVOUR in your mouth, FLAVOUR that you have never tasted before! It is a classic! That warm, crunchy, crispy, chicken! It smells good, and tastes GOOD alright!

  3. drumboy1956

    I just got the crispy and crunchy go cup.
    it was neither crispy nor crunchy.
    they put a lid on the bucket which basically steams all the crunchiness and Crispness away. big disappointment.

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