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What if I told you that you can have a brand new BMW 1 Series for a weekend test drive?

A makan trip to Melacca perhaps? A weekend excursion through the hilly roads of Ulu Yam up to Fraser’s Hill? Or maybe just taking the sleek vehicle around the city, enjoying the glitz and glamor of the night life surrounded by neon lights?

Well, you can, and all it does is for you to capture photos that represent one of the four key features of the BMW 1 Series, which each being a category in the contest. Be creative as you can and you too can have a weekend with this German machine.

BMW 1 series efficient dynamics

The four categories are:

  • Fifty-Fifty Balance
  • Connected Drive
  • Efficient Dynamics
  • Rear Wheel Drive

As the features suggest, the 1 Series is perfectly Balanced 50:50 in weight. This removes any front or rear bias typically associated with most cars, thus achieving superior handling characteristics.

Efficient Dynamics refers to the reduction in fuel consumption and emission. Simultaneously saving gas and environment.

With Connected Drive, discover the feature that combines various elements from online applications, driver assistance, Call Centre services and solutions for the integration of mobile devices. As a result, you are provided with an exceptional form of mobility, with more convenience, more infotainment and more safety.

And Rear Wheel Drive provides agility and dynamic performance, key to ultimate driving pleasure.

BMW rear wheel drive, fifty fifty balance

BMW connected drive, efficient dynamics

Well, you don’t really need to photoshop in the words, but how do you like my attempts?

Again, category winners will get a weekend test drive and 2 x VIP passes to the BMW 1 Series Launch Event.  If you participate in all four categories, the most inspired collection of four photos will  get a full week’s test drive and 2 x VIP passes to the BMW 1 Series Launch Event.

Participate now at , the last day to submit is 18th October, 2013.

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