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If you’re a fan of Penang curry mee, pay attention.

Remember this brand – MyKuali, with the product name Penang WHITE Curry Noodle. If you happen to see anywhere stocking it, buy as many as you can carry. Give it to any Penang curry mee fans and they’ll forever be indebted to you.

MyKuali instant Penang curry mee
MyKuali instant Penang curry mee

Well, MyKuali instant Penang white curry mee is exactly what the title suggests. A ready-in-3-minute instant noodle that comes in an unsuspecting plastic packet much like most other instant noodle. While typical instant noodle weigh about 70 gram (Indomie), MyKuali’s version is a whopping 110 gram, so it comes in a pack of 4 instead of the usual 5.

The extra net weight does not come only from the noodle, which is slightly thicker, but also the 3 different condiment packets. Two to make up for the white soup, and one chili paste that completes the dish to be almost exactly what you get from the hawker stalls.

the sambal is absolutely terrifying, I love it
the sambal is absolutely terrifying, I love it.

While the noodle in itself isn’t particularly special (they are springy and generally nice), the soup is superb! It is very spicy with the aroma that can easily fool any curry mee fan from a fresh hawker version, even though non-dairy creamer is used in substitute of santan for the white soup here. It is simply superb.

MyKuali originally created this for Malaysian overseas who misses local delights, but it is now making a huge wave of demand within Penang and many parts in Malaysia as well. Easy to see why after I tasted it.

A single serving packs about 554 kcal’s worth of energy, eat responsibly.

p/s: I believe you can get them at SOGO everywhere, and Sunshine Wholesale in Penang

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  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing. Hope I can find it in Aeon Jusco or Giant though.

  2. Just the other day a friend working in Singapore was talking about it and ask some of my friends to find it for her. Looks like a challenging task to find it in Klang Valley.

  3. iamthewitch

    Looks really good! Tell me where I can get them in Sydney! πŸ˜€

  4. This noodle is indeed nice! In terms of noodle texture and taste..both I like.hehe…
    Hope they make it available throughout M’sia lo….

  5. I’ve actually had this before and was delicious. Going to try find it online and will let you know if I find anything.

  6. This looks good! Ok I go buy!

  7. wahhhh i need to buy some and bring back to belgium!!!

  8. damn. i don’t suppose this would be readily available here in the east ey? =((((

  9. Constance Ant

    i love it too! i stocked up, just in case they run out of stock again XD

  10. It’s available in Gama too, and some small grocery shops but keep running out of stock, very horrible :/

  11. Can I get this in NY?

  12. I don’t eat this unless i am bloody DESPERATE and someone took my car away and I am locked in the house with only Instant Mee for company! HAHAHA πŸ˜›

  13. Hmmm… really that good? Seems lotsa people are talking about this!

  14. This noodle is really getting a lot of attention after it made it onto the ramen eater’s list. That was indeed a clever move sending the noodles to the ramen eater.

    • sycookies: i think a lot of my friends who never read blogs also are crazy about this, so it really is mostly due to the fact that it tastes so good!

  15. I’ve two packets left – my friend in KL sent me a pack. Very nice, very spicy…but I think it was the santan (non-dairy creamer) that put me off halfway through. I blogged about this too sometime ago…

  16. Cannot find it yet:(

  17. hv been tried so many brands this is the best taste.
    very spicy the soup and the noodle very QQ !!

  18. Hi all, I may be cursed for saying this (especially by KY) but this noodle really sucks, BIG time! In fact I tried it only last night and was looking forward to it after reading so many good comments here. Not only the texture of the noodle is bad, the broth tastes only turmeric, nothing more! The only thing that i’ll love would be the color of the broth. Inviting spicy red but not that spicy afterall. I still have a packet left and will give it a second chance. Hope I’m wrong about it.

    • James: haha it’s ok dude, to each his own. I happen to like it, and I’m sure there are people who don’t, each person are entitled to their own opinion and we do have different tastes kan? πŸ˜€



  20. giant or tesco in klang valley got anot ?? does anybody know ??

  21. Hi, I think in KL you can get it in NSK and SOGO. If you want, I can get it as well but will be after CNY when I go back to Penang (contact me if anyone wants, maybe can get discount if we order together =).. πŸ˜† I heard the price goes up quite high in KL. Never tried it yet, will try it since so many people gave good reviews.

  22. Hi, I just got 2 boxes sent to me from Penang. If anyone want, please contact me.

  23. There lots of demand for MyKuali product. Sekali makan, sudah masuk Penang Paradise.

  24. may i know the price per box in Sogo KL?

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