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As someone who were born in Penang, one of the most difficult thing I had to adjust to when moving to KL was the quality of char kuih teow. While most stalls around the Klang Valley has the name “Penang” slabbed on the signboard, decent plate of this Penang signature hawker dish is pretty hard to come by.

So over the years, it’s been one of my missions to note down the decent char kuih teow stalls, places I would go again and again whenever I need to fix my CKT cravings.

Tips: If you speak Penang Hokkien, always order using this awesome brand of dialect. It is my litmus test of Penang food authenticity.

So here are five CKT places you should check out, two of which are pork free versions.

Penang char kuih teow at Lot 10, Hutong (non halal)
Lot 10 Hutong duck egg char kuih teow

Surprisingly, one of the better char kuih teow stalls in found within a modern food court that is Lot 10 Hutong. While prices is slightly higher than from kopitiam stalls, you get a couple decent size prawns and pretty generous serving size. Cockles, Chinese sausage, and even lard is present in this dish.

By the way, always ask for duck egg as I find it enhance the taste of char kuih teow considerably. A plate costs slightly over RM 10, but you do get air conditioning and very hygienic setting.

Lot 10 Hutong CKT stall, Lower Ground Floor Lot 10 Shopping Mall, Jalan Bukit Bintang KL |  Hours: Breakfast to Dinner

best char kueh teow in PJ
Char Kuih Teow at Kam Heong kopitiam, PJ State

For a plate of old school lard laden char kuih teow, nothing beats the CKT stall at Kam Heong kopitiam in PJ State. The kuih teow used here is slightly fatter, and lard usage is rather generous as well. The operator previously operated at the other end of the same row of shops, but has since taken over at this new location directly next to UOB bank.

You don’t get plus size prawns here, but prices are very reasonable at around RM 5-6 per plate.

CKT at Kam Heong kopitiam | 8 Jalan Tengah, Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jay | Hours: Breakfast and Lunch

Robert char kueh teow at say huat
Robert CKT at Restaurant Say Huat

For those who went to University Malaya, Robert Char Kuih Teow needs no introduction. This is one of the most affordable good CKT you can find this side of Petaling Jaya (like most hawker foods in Seksyen 17 actually).

The dish is served on banana leave, with all classic CKT ingredients included.

Robert CKT | Restaurant Say Huat, 1083, Jalan 17/29, 46400 Selangor | Hours: Breakfast and Lunch

Restaurant Jamal Mohamed with Aunty Gemuk char kuih teow

For those who prefer pork free/halal char kuih teow, Aunty Gemuk at Restaurant Jamal Mohamed at Kelana Jaya serves up a pretty good dish.

The CKT here is a little more moist, consistent with most Malay style CKT. Very flavourful and easy to eat, one of my favorite pork free CKT ever.

Aunty Gemuk CKT | Restoran Jamal Mohamed, 24, Jalan SS5A/9, Kelana Jaya | Hours: all day

Char Kueh Teow halal
with cili padi and prawns in shells, Lau Wan CKT

Lau Wan Char Kuih Teow, previously operating at Restaurant Jaya and now at the food court in on Jalan SS 3/33, is another Malay style CKT worth checking out.

The prawns is cooked whole, and somewhat interestingly, there’s a side of cili padi and soya sauce on the side of this char kuih teow. It is wet, peppery, but rather delicious in a slightly different, not so typical CKT type of way. There’s plenty of “wok hei”, and definitely satisfying.

Lau Wan CKT | food court, Jalan SS 3/33, Kelana Jaya | Hours: morning to night

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  1. I like the one at Hutong Lot 10. Sinfully good:D

  2. Hey, great post! Any chance of one on Penang Assam Laksa? Another addict here 😀 Not easy to find good ones in KL/Selangor area though.

  3. wah i like this post very much. because I am craving for CKT i will try the ones you recommended.

  4. so many CKT! i am going penang this weekend for original penang CKT! pls recommend CKT stall in penang to me!

    • Jean: go to ah leng’s at dato’ keramat, otherwise those famous ones in lorong selamat also yums

  5. Strangely as a Penangite, i don’t really fancy over CKT LOL, but the one at Lot 10 looks close enough, sufficient “wok hei” too (judging from the photo)

  6. I thought got Penang One

  7. I settle with one at Menara Citibank food court.Wanna try that Aunty Gemuk fried koay teow.

  8. ooo, i’m a fan of char kuey teow, but i’ve only tried three out of five on your list so far (the first three). must head to kelana jaya so i can finish 5/5! 😀

    • Sean: make it happen 😀

      • The ever is at Uptown Puchong Permai. Just opened Feri Char Kuey Teow. Very awesome ckt udang galah ( special big prawns). I hv gone there more than 5 times this month. U all must try and u will c the difference 🙂

  9. Wooot! Btw have u tried the ckt at stall #7 in Mayang Oasis food court?

  10. Bro,

    Please come to Restoran Unlimited in Subang SS14 to try out duck egg char kueh teow. If you did, try another one stall Lorong Selamat in USJ14, opposite Restoran De Happyland. (I think told you before)

  11. Okay… will try out the rest…. I take my CKT without chilli so most stalls don’t get it quite as right.. 😀 😀

  12. I think pj old town beats a lot of ckt stalls!

  13. Say Huat hou sik mehhh?lol

    I kinda like the one from Sun Hin Loon, the one done by that old-uncle last time. I think the son is doing it on behalf now. Havnt had that in ages in fact.

    Thx for the guide nonetheless. I go C C try try at your recommended hotspots soon =)

  14. Facepalm* Sorry missed the last listing!

  15. Happy eating the best ever Feri Char Kuey Teow udang galah at Uptown Puchong Permai.
    Mr KY you hv to try it with us. Yhe only suitable word for it…is SUPERB !

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